Latex Makeup Sponge - 6 cm

Make yourself up will never be the same, if you use the magnificent product that Beter has designed for it, Latex Makeup Sponge from Beter, which will leave your face perfect. It allows your make-ups look even and without any imperfection, whether you use a liquid or creamy foundation, by damping the you will achieve a more natural and drier finish and thus your face will have greater coverage.

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Latex Makeup Sponge from Beter. The accessory ideal for a perfect make-up.

Latex Makeup Sponge from Beter has a texture perfect to apply a make-up because it allows you to spread the liquid or creamy foundation on your face and leave it smooth, without imperfections and entirely perfect.

Are you one of those women who apply the foundation with their fingers? Do you always leave some parts of your face with more foundation than others? Does the sponge you currently use absorb too much foundation and does not leave the skin of your face smooth? You said "Yes" to any of the above questions, you need to know that Beter designed one sponge that solves them all: the exclusive and practical Latex Makeup Sponge from Beter, which helps spread the foundation even and perfectly. Remember that putting correctly the foundation on with the sponge Latex Makeup Sponge from Beter is one of the fundamental steps of the make-up, because it contributes to conceal spots and imperfections of the skin of the face, leaving your skin perfectly smooth and shining to proceed to apply the rest of the products you want to have applied.

The texture of Latex Makeup Sponge from Beter makes it perfect to spread the foundation evenly, whether liquid or creamy, on the skin of your face. Besides, Latex Makeup Sponge from Beter has the size perfect to be handled in a comfortable and practical way. Its circular shape allows to perfectly reach every part of the face in order to apply the foundation evenly.

To correctly use a Latex Makeup Sponge from Beter, first, you must wash your face and apply a moisturizing cream. You can use the trick of damping the sponge with some water and squeeze it well to become wet before applying the foundation, all this for better and even make-up spreading. Then, put some foundation on, spreading it perfectly on your face, paying special attention to areas such the eyelids, nose and corner of the mouth. Blur the foundation thoroughly with Latex Makeup Sponge from Beter to get a professional finish.

Facts of Latex Makeup Sponge from Beter

  • It is made of latex, so it has the texture ideal to spread the foundation evenly.
  • It has 6 cm of diameter
  • It is ideal to spread the foundation perfectly even.
  • It helps give your make-up a professional finish.
  • Its size makes it very practical to use.

To have a nicely made up face you must use Latex Makeup Sponge from Beter, a tool that will give your face that look that you have always dreamed of.

Instructions for use: damp the sponge for a more natural finish. Use it dry for an effect of depth.

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