Ultra Moisturizing Gel Gloves Magic Hands - Beter

Ultra Moisturizing Gel Gloves Magic Hands from Beter is an easy to use topical product. It protects your hands by hydrating them daily, quickly and reliably. It removes dirt and impurities from the dermis, giving a deep cleansing to your skin.

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Ultra Moisturizing Gel Gloves Magic Hands from Beter frees you from dry and rough hands, the best gloves made just for you.

Ultra Moisturizing Gel Gloves Magic Hands from Beter are moisturizing gloves that regenerate, whiten, nourish and take care of dry skin in the most effective way. This product contains healthy fats which help to get rid of free radicals and repair damage caused as a result of sun exposure. These elements are also known to reduce the risk of skin cancer by inhibiting the growth of tumor cells. Being thus very comfortable and flexible while actively improving the elasticity of the skin of the hands and cuticles. All thanks to its exclusive formula of vitamin E, olive oil, jojoba oil and aloe vera that smooth the skin for a perfect softness which nourishes deeply the skin of the hands, providing a more lasting care.

Ultra Moisturizing Gel Gloves Magic Hands from Beter are enriched with 100% natural ingredients such as olive oil that is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins that regenerate the skin tissue ensuring that it remains smooth and soft while maintaining tonicity and firmness. Jojoba oil is an antioxidant that protects against the harmful effects of free radicals, causing many diseases such as cancer, dermatitis, psoriasis and also aging due to its antibacterial properties.

Ultra Moisturizing Gel Gloves Magic Hands from Beter offers a deep and lasting hydration that balances the pH of the skin controlling the production of sebum. Aloe vera is a super powerful plant with multiple benefits for our skin, is also astringent, moisturizing, regenerating, renewing, rejuvenating and antibacterial. In addition it gives a deep cleaning to the skin from its internal and external layers, which favors the unclogging of the pores and the elimination of all the dirt that causes the appearance of impurities in the dermis. In order to look a revitalized and impeccable skin and finally vitamin E, which is essential to have a radiant skin protecting us from UV rays, sun spots, and possible flaking and imperfections.

Facts of Ultra Moisturizing Gel Gloves Magic Hands from Beter

  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Ultrahydrant and nutritious
  • Repairing effect
  • Safe and reliable protection
  • Fast absorption
  • Whitening effect

Ultra Moisturizing Gel Gloves Magic Hands from Beter are excellent models, ideal to give your hands at home in a practical and easy way, giving you a spectacular result and a whitening and moisturizing effect that only this product can give you.

Recommended Use: as a topical use, wash and dry hands before use, keep hands in gloves for 30 minutes. It is recommended to use it five times a week.

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