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Look Foldable Mirror x10 - 14 cm dia

Look Foldable Mirror x10 from Beter is a double-sided mirror, normal and magnifying, with acrylic frame and foldable support so you can adjust it as you like. For its practical size you can take it with you wherever you want to be perfect at all times and places.

    Look Foldable Mirror x10 from Beter. Discover your beauty up close!

    Women need to look closely at their face to make up with great detail, this Foldable Mirror with 10x magnification is 14 cm in diameter and allows you to discover closely the beauty that is in you.

    You no longer have to approach the mirror every time you put your makeup on, put your contact lenses on or depilate; This magnifying mirror will be very useful for those beauty routines that you perform every day, you can also take it with you wherever you want, due to its practical size, in this way you will be sure that you look perfect at all times. Although many people do not believe it is important to have a good mirror to make up, a plus is its magnification because although you enjoy a perfect reflection there are always areas of the face that are not seen in detail and when applying a foundation or blush it is possible that you put more product on one side of the face, therefore, having a mirror like the one we are introducing is crucial to look perfect on any occasion.

    Look Foldable Mirror x10 from Beter can be useful in many circumstances, to make up daily in a uniform way so you do not go through the embarrassment of having more mascara in one eye than in the other or a uneven skin tone. Many women use Beter's mirror to put contact lenses on, having this will be a blessing to put them on in the morning as well as for facial hair removal, it is more than perfect. There will be no hair that escapes from sight!

    Look Foldable Mirror x10 from Beter is also necessary for the application of specific products for certain areas of the face such as eye contour creams or the concealer of circles or the eye lighter and if you have got a spot, you must have a magnifying mirror to correct it with products or a special instrument to remove it. To maximize the effect of this mirror put it in a place with adequate lighting, you will be surprised how useful it can be to have it at home or wherever you want. Do you get how wonderful is to have a magnifying mirror? Get yours now!

     Facts of Look Foldable Mirror x10 from Beter

    • Double-sided mirror, one normal and the other with magnification.
    • Acrylic frame.
    • Foldable support.

    Do not settle for a simple mirror, choose Look Foldable Mirror x10 from Beter, it will be your ally in your search for perfection and practicality.

    Recommended use: you can make up with precision or put contact lenses on with greater safety.

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