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Chapstick SPF 30 - Beter

Chapstick SPF 30 from BETER is a product made with shea butter, vitamin E, F and pro-vitamin B5. It is capable of regenerate, moisturize and protect the lips against solar radiation or cold climates, tested by dermatologists and contains neither perfume or parabens.

    Chapstick SPF 30 from BETER as a lip protector is perfect to keep your lips protected and moisturized of the sunrays.

    It is a wonderful and perfect product, capable to protect and moisturize your lips, plus it provides them with the wonderful benefits of vitamin E, F and pro-vitamin B5. Chapstick SPF 30 from BETER is made with shea butter, which improves its application on lips plus it does not have any perfume, which makes it an odorless product (that is also colorless) and you can apply it on your lips when you see fit, as this lipstick is intended mainly to moisturize, restore and protect your lips against external elements that could harm them such as solar radiation and cold climates. Chapstick SPF 30 from BETER is totally effective product, plus it gives your lips a shiny and radiant touch that will make them look cuter and better taken care of. Futhermore it is easy to use, just like any other lipstick.

    Chapstick SPF 30 from BETER is simple and high-quality product that comes in a blue container for lips with the name of the product on. Chapstick SPF 30 from BETER is small in order to fit into your palms, so you can carry it everywhere and use it when you need it the most, for example, in case you take or eat any food that may remove it, and this is because is like any other lipstick you have used before, but this one is special because it is able to protect and moisturize your lips and thus preventing them from chapping and looking bad, besides Chapstick SPF 30 from BETER not only the protects from cold and solar radiation, but also makes your lips to look good.

    This great and beautiful chapstick can be used by different people that want to protect and moisturize their lips in one simple way and few steps, in short, young people, sportsmen, athletes, adults, boys, girls and anyone else can use this lip gloss to protect their lips. Chapstick SPF 30 from BETER is a great and simple product that can be used when you need it or want it, day and night or when you see fit. It can be stand out that it is small and comfortable, which allows you to use it when you need it the most without any problems, and that is a product without any perfume, color and parabens.

    Facts of Chapstick SPF 30 from BETER

    • Easy to carry.
    • Moisturizes your lips.
    • Protects your lips from sunrays and cold climates.
    • Odorless.
    • Colorless.

    The great Chapstick SPF 30 from BETER is the product indicated to moisturize and protect of your lips, perfect to prevent chapping caused by sunrays or cold climates. It is colorless, without perfume, without parabens and with the perfect size to carry it anywhere.

    Recommended use: as a chapstick, wear it when necessary or anytime you want.

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