Laser File with Ergonomic Handle - Beter

Laser File with Ergonomic Handle from Beter is a product for cosmetic use. It was designed to remove roughness, dryness or dead skin located on the feet area, specifically the part of the heels and soles, achieving smoother and beautiful feet.

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Laser File with Ergonomic Handle from Beter

Have beautiful and well maintained feet with this laser file created by Beter. Absolute smoothness!

This product has two sides, each one has the capability of reducing roughness and smoothing dead skin on the feet. In addition, Laser File with Ergonomic Handle from Beter has an ergonomic handle, which means that its shape is comfortable and easy to grab by users, which allows to make the cleaning of the feet much faster and more with efficiency. At the same time, it is available in three very striking and beautiful colors such as green, yellow and grey, therefore, not only is efficient, but also has a beautiful and ground breaking design.

On the other hand, the area of heel or feet as such, suffers from different processes as a consequence of the completion of everyday activities, for such reason, Laser File with Ergonomic Handle from Beter was designed. Its function is to remove the hard skin that accumulates on the heel and soles, which will be smoothed down next. Which means that it helps clean and beautify that part of the body, and although it is not in plain view, it does require attention and care, as with some specific footwear this area is visible and thus giving a bad look and impression.

Now, this cosmetic product can be used by anyone, whether teenagers or adults, who needs to remove dead skin and impurities from this part of the body, which is very important but many times regarded as not. Along those lines, as this area is very useful for everyday life and daily activities carried out by people, very often it cracks and/or gets too dried, and that's exactly the reason why Laser File with Ergonomic Handle from Beter was deviced. It helps revert the mentioned negative effects, and thus achieving clean, smooth, well maintained feet and above all helps you feel right and have a better physical appearance.

Facts of Laser File with Ergonomic Handle from Beter

  • Laser surface.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Two sides.
  • Helps remove impurities from the feet.
  • Helps smooth the skin of that area down.
  • Polishes very fast.
  • Available in several colors.

Get comfort and beautiful feet in a faster and efficient way with Laser File with Ergonomic Handle from Beter, its use does not hurt or damages the skin, as it is designed very carefully and with the best materials to achieve the best results. In addition, thanks to its laser surface it manages to leave the heels and soles smoother and without dryness. Beautiful feet with their surface smooth!

Recommended use: make circular movements with the front part of the file on the thickest areas of the heels and soles, then slide rear part to smooth those areas.

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