Straight-Ended Golden Tweezers - 7.5 cm

Straight-Ended Golden Tweezers from Beter is a very practical accessory with a design that allows an easy and firm attachment of the hair to be removed, which makes the extraction faster, safer and less painful. Thus you will see a clean and smooth area, free of uncomfortable hair. Non-invasive, practical and safe method.

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Straight-Ended Golden Tweezers from Beter, ideal for extracting shorter hairs.

Straight-Ended Golden Tweezers from Beter has a design adequate to the plucking each person does. Each person has different types and thickness of hair to pluck, so choosing the right tweezer depends on the type of hair to remove and its tip.

If you use a straight-ended tweezers, this will help extract short and complicated hairs but if the end is diagonal, it will help you to extract long hairs one at a time. The good grip of these tweezers ensures a safe extraction of hair, is cheaper so it becomes the best option. Beter, designed these tweezers with the intention that each person could remove hair from small areas where it is not preferable to pluck with the traditional plucking method, not other methods, modern but more expensive.

Hair removal is a method that is used to extract hair from that part of the body that bothers you or causes you discomfort because it makes you look ugly or because you want to see that area clean and neat. There are various methods of hair removal including tweezing, is not painful, is simple and practical. With this product, you can remove hair one at a time, the area will be clear for several weeks and you can do touch-ups at any time to keep the unwanted hair area tidy and clear. This procedure is simple and inexpensive, painless and fast. Although, it is a simple method, plucking requires a good asepsis to avoid infections, so it is recommended to keep the tweezers clean with alcohol or any other antiseptic before and after use. For better plucking, it is advisable to use quality tweezers such as this product, which guarantees you a better result, a nice and clean look.

Facts of Straight-Ended Golden Tweezers from Beter

  • Special design for plucking short hair
  • Easy to clean

If you want to look fresh, clean and free of uncomfortable hair, Straight-Ended Golden Tweezers from Beter is your best ally to support you in the plucking of those areas that you want to keep clear.

Recommended Use: the best way to take advantage of Straight-Ended Golden Tweezers from Beter is to place it as close to the root of the hair to be extracted so that it does not break, pulling out one at a time in a soft way in the same direction of hair growth.

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