Heel Cushion Gel - Beter

Protect your body in every step with Heel Cushion Gel from Beter, the necessary accessory for your shoes, adaptable to any type of footwear, made of a very fine and delicate gel, comfortable and padded, it is use to cushion the impact received in each footstep, eliminating annoying aches and tiredness.

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Heel Cushion Gel from Beter, essential accessory for your footwear helps to reduce the effects against the foot caused by footsteps on the floor.

Heel Cushion Gel from Beter is an ultra-thin non-slip gel heel. It reduces the tension feet is subjected to and eliminates pain, from feet, legs, knees and back, providing maximum comfort during your daily activities. It helps to balance the load that supports the feet daily, it is very easy and convenient to use. Coated with soft and padded fabric, it is suitable for any type of footwear: sports, heels, sandals or boots, both male and female, available in a various colors. Frequently, when practicing a sport or performing a daily physical activity, discomfort occurs in very sensitive and delicate areas of the body; usually the feet are usually the most impacted, because they are covered with shoes that tend to cause friction and even wounds. Heels are a special area of ​​care inside the feet, because they support all our weight and impact against the pavement when treading, so Heel Cushion Gel from Beter has been especially to protect your heels.

Heel Cushion Gel from Beter also allows you to reduce the symptoms of some problems, such as overloads affecting the knee, hip or heel itself; even its frequent use can help to heal those problems, since in itself they are an extra support helping to to heal injuries quickly, reducing its inflammation. It offers an additional cushioning to the heels, which facilitates the practice of sports.

Heel Cushion Gel from Beter. This product helps improve circulation and blood flow to the legs, because they exert pressure on the area, facilitating the movement of blood upwards. Especially useful in cases of problems with calcification of the heel, since they raise it so that the calcified zone does not rub directly with the footwear.

Facts of Heel Cushion Gel from Beter

  • Designed to be used with any type of footwear.
  • Beautiful designs and colors.
  • Balances the load on the feet.
  • Reduces pain in feet, legs, back and knees.
  • Reduces symptoms of possible physical problems
  • Offers extra cushioning to the feet.
  • Improves the circulation of the legs.

Heel Cushion Gel from Beter is the solution you need if you have pain in the knees or back caused by your footwear. It will give you a pleasant comfort during the day, making you feel a sense of fullness. Use it now!

Recommended use: as an accessory for footwear, make sure the footwear is clean and dry for proper adhesion, then remove the protective film and place the heel on the back of the footwear. It is advised to not take them off to put them in other footwear because they can lose adhesion.

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