Gel Half Insole - Beter

Gel Half Insole from Beter was created for anyone who wants to relieve the pain of tired feet because thanks to its design, it gives you comfort from the first step. Its innovative format allows you to balance and even the load that your feet support 24/7. It is easy to use, adapts to any footwear and occasion.

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Gel Half Insole from Beter, is your guide at every step, marking your steps with much more ease and comfort.

Gel Half Insole from Beter is based on an advanced technology to relieve various pathologies of the body. It comes in a suitable ultra thin and non-slip format avoiding to stumble that cause discomfort in the back or sole of the feet, also allow each footstep to be accurate and safe.

Gel Half Insole from Beter is a product made under the highest standards of safety and hygiene, with the faithful purpose of serving as a tranquilizer and prevent future stinging. In turn, this wonderful support provides comfort and freshness at all times being the best ally for those people who usually spend their day doing exercises, long distance routes or simply spend the day moving. This accessory is ideal to relieve any feeling of exhaustion. Experts in the area of health recommend either to treat certain discomforts in the plantar area or simply, because it reduces risk of future ailments. The right technology with which it was created brings more mobility and especially when you usually spend the day standing. Its great support prevents the half insole from passing from one side to another and also the gel fortifies the arch and heels.

Gel Half Insole from Beter comes in various colors, such as fuchsia, black and yellow that are ideal to combine them with the chosen outfit and even with any footwear, either heels, boots or sandals. This gel insole has the property of cushioning every footstep and especially when tip shoes are usually worn.

Facts of Gel Half Insole from Beter

  • Ultra thin.
  • Ideal for relieving pain and feeling of exhaustion.
  • Designed for comfort.
  • Easy to use.
  • Available in various colors.
  • High cushioning effect.

Gel Half Insole from Beter reinforces your walk from the first step. Pamper yourself with this desirable accessory that will help you reduce the pressure on your feet every day. Do you want to be a more active, energetic, go shopping for more time and enjoy a splendid family walk? Here is your solution. The comfort provided by this product is unique in the market since the shocks when walking are absorbed at any time and not to mention that you can wear them even in sports shoes, so you will avoid excuses to train or practice your usual series of exercises.

Recommended use: as an accessory for footwear, use after removing the protective film and place it on the front of the footwear. The shoe must be previously clean and dry.

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