Fibreglass Nail File, Decorated - 17.5 cm

Fibreglass Nail File, Decorated from Beter is a manicure tool, designed to polish the nails of the hands and feet. It is 17.5 cm long. On one side, it has a rough surface for deep filing and on the other one, it has a slightly softer surface for a better finish and detailed nails.

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Careful and fun manicure with Fibreglass Nail File, Decorated from Beter

Fibreglass Nail File, Decorated from Beter is a manicure instrument, which offers two sides with different roughness to shape and polish the nails of the hands and feet. On one side, there is a very rough surface, which has the purpose of filing the nails deeply. On the other one, there is a softer surface that works gradually giving smoothness and detailed aesthetics. This file is 17.5 cm long and comes in black, with four patterns of stamping. These are small lilac flowers, strawberries, watermelons, figs and oranges. Its fibreglass works with great effectiveness, taking care of all the details you want to achieve in the aesthetics of the hands.

With regard to hand care, manicurists recommend first of all to file the nails, and not cut them. This is because the lever action exerted by the scissors tends to create small cracks, which in a few days do nothing but break the nail. While it is possible to go to a pliers to shape it, the first choice should be to file the nails. And for that, nothing better than Fibreglass Nail File, Decorated from Beter. This has fibreglass, which has the firmness to do a good job, without damaging the hands in any way. It is strong and 17.5 cm long.

When the nails of the hands are filed, undesirable defects are corrected and the nail is ready to grow and develop, with more intensity. In addition this procedure does not have risks such as cuts or injuries that tend to cause scissors. Fibreglass Nail File, Decorated from Beter has a large work surface that gets rid of imperfections, and gives them shape. This is undoubtedly the secret to having long, strong and attractive nails. Ideal for daily care, and to correct its growth by dedicating only a few minutes during the day. It is also recommended as part of the process of embellishment of the hands, before using varnish to color the nails.

Facts of Fibreglass Nail File, Decorated from Beter

  • 17.5 cm long.
  • Fibreglass roughness.
  • Has a rough side for filing the nails.
  • Has a soft side to give them detail and finish.
  • Black base.
  • Available in four different patterns: lilac flowers, watermelons, figs and oranges.

Fibreglass Nail File, Decorated from Beter can be used to beautify the nails of the hands and feet. It is recommended to use movements in the same direction. The traditional movement of the file from right to left or from top to bottom, is actually incorrect. It favors the tendency for nails to break easily. On the other hand, following only one direction is what makes the nail really grow without imperfections.

Recommended use: for the aesthetics of the nails of the hands and feet.

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