Fibreglass Nail File, 120/180 Grain - 17.5 cm

To be practical and have perfect nails, Beter created the Fibreglass Nail File, 120/180 Grain. The grain of 120 serves to trim and shape your nails and the grain of 180 to give them an impeccable finish. With fibreglass material, its strength and softness with your nails is unbeatable.

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Fibreglass Nail File, 120/180 Grain from Beter. A fine finish on your hands.

Beter did it again, for you and your hands has made this exclusive file of 17.5 cm that helps you to trim, shape and polish your nails with the grain size 120/180.

Fibreglass Nail File, 120/180 Grain from Beter has been designed to help you show off the best look of you. Remember that your hands are the first thing you extend to someone when they meet you, that is why you must keep them well cared for and beautiful, especially the nails. For the care of these you should know that it is important that you periodically file them to maintain the ideal size and avoid the splintering that produce the breaking of the nails. Fibreglass Nail File, 120/180 Grain from Beter has two sides with grains of different thickness, the side of 120 grain and the side of 180 grain that have been made with fibreglass to do the work in a delicate way. You can keep your nails with the shape you prefer. Use the side with the grain of 120 to shorten the nails or give them the shape you want. Remember that it is not advisable to file your nails when they are wet because they tend to break.

The grain side of 180 can be used after trimming to give the desired shape to your nails, for a perfect finish as if you had been in the beauty salon. The size of this file is ideal to take it with you anywhere and touch up your nails when you need it, because accidents happen and you can splinter your nails more than once. Having perfect nails is not only a matter of the color of the varnish, it is important to care for the cut and shape we give them. Filing the nails is relevant during the manicure since this conditions the final result in the appearance of the hands. You can look sophisticated and feminine with oval nails, practical and comfortable with round nails or sensual with round nails. Whatever your style Fibreglass Nail File, 120/180 Grain from Beter will work for you.

Facts of Fibreglass Nail File, 120/180 Grain from Beter:

  • Ideal size of 17.5 cm.
  • Has a special thick grain side to shape and shorten the nails.
  • Has a fine grain side designed to shape and polish the finish of the filing of the nails.

Fibreglass Nail File, 120/180 Grain from Beter is the best complement to take care of your nails, using your hands will always be your best letter of presentation.

Recommended use: use the thick grain side to shape and shorten the nails, and the fine grain side to give the final finish and remove possible splintering on the nails.

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