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Beter Feet & Roll Electronic File Callous Remover

Feet & Roll Electronic File Callus Remover from BETER is the instrument that polishes the soles of the feet, to get rid of calluses. Its anatomical roller is covered with Quarz Sand particles that leaves the feet soft and smooth. It works smoothly and removes hard skin of all kinds, just by sliding this device when it is in operation.

    Feet & Roll Electronic File Callus Remover from BETER for soft and smooth feet.

    The end of calluses and hard skin is here thanks to Feet & Roll Electronic File Callus Remover from BETER. This instrument is ideal to ensure that the soles of the feet are free from annoying and unsightly hard skin. It works methodically thanks to its texture of Quarz Sand particles, which although soft, reduce these undesirable bulges. After removing the protective cover and pressing the power button, it is sufficient to move it along the bottom of the feet. Without the need to exert pressure, it removes even the hardest calluses. It weighs only 117 grams, which makes it easy to carry in a case or purse.

    Any person may have calluses and hard skin on the soles of the feet. Above all, the busiest. They are the result of exposing the foot to the frequent heat of footwear. As a defense against the appearance of possible discomfort, the epidermis in the feet becomes hard in order to protect it. The problem is that they are very annoying. Usually files or whetstones are used to remove them. But this is much easier and more effective if you use Feet & Roll Electronic File Callus Remover from BETER. Their revolutions effectively reduce calluses. With just apply after bath or just after putting your feet in the water, you get soft and smooth soles like velvet. It also works easily smoothing the heels.

    Another problem of hard skin in the feet is related to the use of silk stockings and thin shoes. Many women know that overgrown and hard calluses hook the stockings, which is very annoying when it comes to fixing. They also cause a feeling of discomfort when wearing elegant shoes whose interiors are very soft. This is another compelling reason to use Feet & Roll Electronic File Callus Remover from BETER. Its regular application gets rid of these inconveniences and allows you to take safe and comfortable steps. It is also an indispensable tool for athletes. They often suffer from this problem due to the heat that the feet support during a workout. This device can easily free them from this annoying inconvenience.

    Facts of Feet & Roll Electronic File Callus Remover from BETER

    • Roller covered with Quarz Sand
    • Weight 117g
    • Works with AA or rechargeable batteries
    • With brush and extra roller
    • Reduces hardened areas on the soles
    • Softens the texture of the soles
    • Works easily in the heels area
    • Easy to carry and use outside the comfort of home

    Whetstones and files are things of the past. Feet & Roll Electronic File Callus Remover from BETER makes possible to have soft and smooth feet. It has a smooth file that removes hard skin easily and without much effort.

    Recommended use: for personal hygiene and aesthetics.

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