Comb-Brush for Eyebrows - 16cm

Comb-Brush for Eyebrows from Beter is a cosmetic accessory. A joint of functions. Best friends of your eyebrows, with the angular brush delineate them and the other part helps you give balance to your look by combing them.

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Comb-Brush for Eyebrows from Beter, the best accessory for the care and treatment of your eyebrows.

Comb-Brush for Eyebrows from Beter contains bristles that are completely soft. In addition to defining the eyebrows, it serves to activate the circulation and stimulate the growth of them. This utensil is indispensable and very useful. It has the best bristles, they serve to lift the hair, so you can eliminate and trim those unwanted hair, and give shape to the face.

Comb-Brush for Eyebrows from Beter will help you define the eyebrows not only offers the benefits of framing your face also help to make it look more proportioned. It also helps us a lot to make our face look fresher and younger. It is designed to give your face an appropriate frame to beautify and enhance the look and the rest of your features. Specially created by Beter laboratories, which help you and bring a maximum elegance and beauty to your face for all types of eyebrows, as it is used the best of the cosmetology world to make the eyebrows look their best, as well as eliminate those imperfections. A product ideally designed for you, with the power of taking special care of your eyebrows and give you the touch you are looking for.

Comb-Brush for Eyebrows from Beter is ideal to fix and blur the color, achieving a natural appearance. It helps you to design the eyebrow thanks to its comfortable bristles. It is perfect for defining and covering those empty spaces of the eyebrows obtaining a smooth finish. It is suitable for all types of eyebrows. From the hand of the experts of Beter Laboratories, they bring you a very effective product, because of its hypo allergenic tolerance. It has textures that are very pleasing to the client and comfortable applicators to beautify your eyebrows and to get more out of your eyes. Getting the perfect eyebrows depends on details such as bow, thickness and finish.This product will allow you to go one step further and bring one of your most striking features out. Its long-lasting automatic pencil helps you design eyebrows that fits any eyebrow shade, you can use it from the center of the eyebrow out and back to the root.

Facts of Comb-Brush for Eyebrows from Beter

  • Defines in the best way
  • Fits any eyebrow type
  • Long lasting thanks to its top quality bristles
  • Very effective product
  • Made of the best materials
  • Features the ultimate in eyebrow care
  • High durability
  • Product of excellent quality

Comb-Brush for Eyebrows from Beter is a product that gives you confidence and that will help you achieve a more natural result. They are easy to use and bring the beauty of your eyes out and thus preserve your natural beauty. Keeping eyebrows is one of the secrets of professional stylists to achieve a fresh and youthful appearance. So be your own stylist. Check it out!

Recommended use: as a cosmetic accessory, comb your eyebrows until you find the dreamy style.

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