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For the care of your eyes, Beter brings you Like it! Eyebrow Kit, a set that includes a two-in-one mirror, with normal and triple magnification and a pair of slanted tip tweezers for greater precision upon plucking your eyebrows. Also, it has a elegant vintage design, made with high-quality and very durable materials. Take care and perfect your eyebrows with this set of tools made by Beter for you.

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Like it! Eyebrow Kit from Beter. To give your look the best frame.

Beter introduces Like it! Eyebrow Kit to you, which is a product that has everything you need to keep your eyebrows perfect. It contains a pair of slanted tip tweezers and a two-in-one mirror, one with normal magnification and the other one with x3 magnification. It will look stylish and perfect because it comes in a beautiful vintage case that makes you look very elegant.

The care of your eyebrows is paramount to keep a beautiful and attractive look. Remember that your eyebrows are part of our eyes and these are the mirror of the soul. For that reason, we must take care of our eyebrows and keep them incredibly outlined with the shape that suits us the most, according to our kind of face. As usual, Beter, thinking about you, has created this wonderful set for the maintenance of your eyebrows, which contains everything you need to take care and have your eyebrows perfect at all times, providing that care you need to show off your beautiful eyes every day.

Have ever happened to you that when you try to pluck your eyebrows there are some tiny hairs that you cannot grab? That is really frustrating, right? But fear not, in order to solve that problem Like it! Eyebrow Kit from Beter contains a pair of slanted tip tweezers that lets you to pluck hairs on your eyebrows from root, even the tiniest and hardest to grab, allowing you to have your eyebrows looking a professional finish, so you will not go unnoticed ever again.

The spectacular two-in-one mirror of this set is very practical when it comes to plucking your eyebrows. One side for normal reflection that allows you to see how your eyebrows are looking as you pluck them and the other side magnifies 3 times the reflection, so tiny hairs will look large enough and you will not miss any that could detract from the perfect and professional finish that you have ever wanted to frame your look. The mirror and pair of tweezers of Like it! Eyebrow Kit from Beter are made of a very strong material, in addition, they have the perfect size for you to take them in your make-up case and pluck your eyebrows wherever you go, every time you need.

Facts of Like it! Eyebrow Kit from Beter 

  • It includes a pair of slanted tip tweezers to pluck even the most difficult hairs.
  • It contains a two-in-one mirror, one side with normal magnification and the other one as x3 magnification.
  • It has a very elegant Vintage design.
  • Both tools are made of a very strong material, which ensures it durability.
  • Its size is perfect to keep it in the make-up case.

With Like it! Eyebrow Kit from Beter, it has never been easier to beautify your eyes, keeping your eyebrows perfectly outlined.

Recommended use: in order to locate tiny hairs in your eyebrows use the mirror and pluck them out from root using the pair of tweezers.

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