Express Protein Oil

Express Protein Oil from Beter helps you to get rid of weak and brittle nails, with a new solution that will give you the sensation of having strong and healthy nails, and that will make you show off a spectacular manicure, providing you a restorative effect from the first use.

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Express Protein Oil from Beter, the best oil for the care of your nails, with the best formula ideal for you.

Express Protein Oil from Beter has a formula based on proteins, which contains vitamins and minerals, which naturally strengthen the nails, and in addition to moisturizing them, favors their growth, preventing the appearance of corrugation and reducing the chances of breakage and bad look. It is also beneficial to moisturize the cuticles and improve the overall look of the hands. It is important to know that the nails are made of protein, and if we do not consume the necessary amount our nails will weaken and break easily.

Express Protein Oil from Beter gives you great benefits due to its formula based on pure protein, which will help us completely heal the nails from the root, acting from the cuticle to the end. Nails are composed mainly of a protein called keratin, which is what gives them structure and hardness. They are formed precisely by layers of keratin, which are often broken or flaked off. Although, the outermost layer of the nail is keratin, beneath it, there is the part that we call the nail bed and is very vascularized. And finally, the lunule is the part near the finger, in the form of whitish crescent.

Express Protein Oil from Beter contains active ingredients of vitamins and minerals that accelerate the natural process of nail healing as it is the vitamin F that brings great properties and nutritional benefits. Vitamin F are polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are divided mainly into omega-3 and omega-6. In addition, it boosts the growth of the nail and prevents it from weakening and breaking easily, giving it strength from the root, making it grow stronger and healthier. All these inputs that Express Protein Oil from Beter can offer you thanks to that it is produced using the best ingredients and select components checked by the experts. Mixed components act to provide greater effectiveness.

Facts of Express Protein Oil from Beter

  • Contains vitamins and minerals
  • Protein based formula
  • Nourishes and moisturizes
  • Repairs from the root
  • Powers growth
  • Returns shine and vitality
  • Convenient and practical to use
  • Great effectiveness
  • Made of the best components
  • Product of excellent quality

Express Protein Oil from Beter is ideal for all types of nails giving you a spectacular result so that you look an intact manicure and without complications, so take leave of the weak and brittle nails that only Beter can offer you.

Recommended Use: for manicure, apply a thin coat of Express Protein Oil from Beter from the middle of the nail out, allow to dry and then apply over the color enamel of your preference.

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