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Ergonomic Foot File - 18.5 cm

The extraordinary Ergonomic Foot File from Beter is a unbeatable cosmetic designed to reduce the hardening and remove the hard skin on the soles thanks to its structure made with silicon carbide abrasive, giving smoothness and softness back to the feet's skin.

    Ergonomic Foot File from Beter, specialized in giving your feet its soft and delicate look, contributing to decrease the hard skin and cracks produced by dehydration in areas such as the sole of the foot.

    The fantastic Ergonomic Foot File from Beter is a cosmetic designed to facilitate the recovery of the beautiful and healthy appearance of your feet as it helps counteract the hardening of the soles and the appearance of cracks, which are often caused by dehydration. This extraordinary quality accessory, developed by Beter, is ideal for promotes the removal of the impurities accumulated on the feet, thus contributing to keep them always in perfect condition and to achieve the soft and subtle appearance you want.

    This unbeatable accessory has been made with silicon carbide abrasive, which helps remove in a convenient, easy and fast the hard skin on the soles, and at the same time, it has a fantastic and highly sturdy plastic structure with perfect ergonomic design to facilitate a better grip upon its use. The extraordinary Ergonomic Foot File from Beter is your ideal ally at bath time as it gives back the freshness and softness to the skin of your feet in no time.

    To prevent the skin dehydration of your feet and therefore the appearance of cracks and hard skin on the soles is almost impossible, however, the fantastic Ergonomic Foot This from Beter helps remove these annoying hard skin easily by rubbing continuously the area you want to treat previously dampened with water and soap, to get the result desired: a thin, soft and healthy-looking skin.

    Facts of Ergonomic Foot File from Beter.

    • Made with a silicon carbide abrasive, which promotes the removal of hard skin and impurities from the soles.
    • Features a fantastic and practical ergonomic design that facilitates its use.
    • Its structure is strong and light, made of high-quality materials.
    • Helps counteract the dehydration of feet's skin.
    • Contributes to remove the impurities and dead cells accumulated on the soles.
    • Makes your feet smoother.
    • Improves the look of your feet.

    Ergonomic Foot File from Beter is a 100% useful and easy to use tool, intended to recover the healthy and delicate appearance of the feet skin by removing the hard skin and accumulation of impurities on the soles.

    Use recommended: as a tool for skin care, experts recommend to use the unbeatable Ergonomic Foot File at the time of shower to remove impurities and hard skin from the soles and give your feet's skin its softness back.

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