Corundum Emery Boards - 4x16 cm

Corundum Emery Boards from Beter are nail files designed especially to file you toenails comfortably. The red side with thicker emery for filing and shaping and the white side with finer emery to polish. Suitable for any kind of nails.

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Corundum Emery Boards from Beter are ideal for keep your nails in perfect condition and with the best look.

Corundum Emery Boards from Beter are perfect to polish and give shine to your nails. File your nails gently to get a radiant and natural manicure. A nail file is a tool essential to keep the nails well cared for and with a good appearance. The size of these emery boards is comfortable and appropriate for keeping them in your purse or daily bag and use them at the time your nails may require, for example, in case of one or more of your nails break. If the alternative is filing your nails instead of cutting them, a lot of attention and care required if you want to show off attractive and good-looking nails. With Corundum Emery Boards from Beter, your nails will grow strong and well outlined, and also, it prevents the appearance of splinters unpleasant to touch that may cause the cracking of the nails. 

Corundum Emery Boards from Beter make your nails to look polished, shiny and with the proper edges. Its design has two sides, one side with red coarse emery to file the nails and another side of white fine texture to polish the nails. As you already know, the nails are the cover letter of your hands. In order to keep the nails well cared for, it is required the use of quality tools that do not damage but rather keep them in good condition and proper size both for their beauty and to repair them in case they suffer from some blow or abuse that cause its cracking or breaking. With the use of these emery boards you can get your nails polished and shiny.

Corundum Emery Boards from Beter is a useful tool that is necessary for care and maintenance of your nails, in order keep them in good condition, with a shiny and healthy look. We at Beter think that beauty can be many different things or the combination of them: a look, a way of walking, thinking, an spontaneous smile, the warmth of the hands, the softness on the skin. For that reason, we work to enhance the beauty and keep complicity with our consumers that entrust our products with their personal care.

Facts of Corundum Emery Boards from Beter

  • Allows two types of filing powered by their 2 sides.
  • Comfortable and easy to take with you to any place you want.
  • Suitable for any kind of nail.
  • Allows to file and polish your nails. 
  • Helps keep your nails in perfect conditions.

Get some Corundum Emery Boards from Beter if you want to get a natural and effective manicure that will leave your nails polished and shiny. It is a product you can perfectly keep in your purse or bag. 

Recommended use: use the red side to file your nails softly, then polish them with the white side.

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