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Double Nail Brush, Nylon Bristles from Beter is ideal for keeping your nails clean and beautiful. It is designed with a handle that allows a firm and comfortable grip in order to clean your nails more effective and easily. Its nylon bristles are soft, flexible and also have the diameter and length perfect for a deep cleaning of every corner of your nails.

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Double Nail Brush, Nylon Bristles from Beter: the best to clean your nails deeply.

Double Nail Brush, Nylon Bristles from Beter is designed with nylon bristles, which are flexible and have the size perfect for cleaning nails effectively.


You can use it during the bath or when you want to clean your nails before doing a manicure or pedicure, but you could also do it in any other moment of the day. Its ergonomic shape allows a firm grip to facilitate cleaning nails.

Care and hygiene of your nails are truly important to keep them healthy and beautiful, something fundamental you should do to achieve a deep cleaning is to polish them when you wash your hands or feet in order to remove all the impurities that could be lodged under the nail or between the surface of the nail and skin. To help you with that problem Beter designed the super practical nail brush with nylon bristles described herein. This brush is ideal for reach every corner of your nails and remove all the dirt built up in them due to all activities we carry out daily.

Our hands are always touching objects and can be a carrier of agents harmful to our health, therefore experts recommend washing them very well for keeping our health and also look clean. It must be taken into account that such agents usually built up under the nails and do not come out unless you use a nail brush for that purpose. So you should brush your nails every day.

Double Nail Brush, Nylon Bristles from Beter is ideal for having the space under the nails completely clean and free of any substance or element that may harm our health. Use it under the shower or at any other time you want wash to your hands or feet deeply, just you rub some soap on your hands or feet and then slide the tips of the nylon bristles under each nail. You will see how clean and beautiful they look after that.

Facts of Double Nail Brush, Nylon Bristles from Beter:

  • Helps to clean deeply each nail of your hands and feet.
  • Its ergonomic shape facilitates its grip and thus a greater ease of use.
  • Its bylon bristles are soft and completely remove dirt accumulated under the nails.
  • Made with a strong polymer, so you will have it for a very long time.

Take care and maintain the hygiene of your nails must be very important to you, therefore, you must have your own the Double Nail Brush, Nylon Bristles from Beter. This brush reach softly but effectively to all parts of each of your nails and thus leaving them clean and beautiful.

Recommended use: to make a deep cleaning of the nails of hands and feet without damage.

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