Double Handbag Mirror (x5) - 7.5 cm dia

A closer look at your face it is easy with Double Handbag Mirror (x5) from Beter, which also has the size perfect for you to take it anywhere and touch up your face always. It is 7.5 cm long. You do not have excuse to look always perfect as the mirror that Beter offers you is totally compact and necessary, with 2 mirrors, normal and magnified by 5.

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Double Handbag Mirror (x5) from Beter. It helps you to look at yourself so closely you will not believe it.

Double Handbag Mirror (x5) was made by Beter, so you should not be surprised that is perfect to magnify the reflection of your face up to five times and see any details close. It allows you to look well any imperfection you want to conceal, whether a hair you want to remove from your face, locate a small wrinkle to apply creams or find exactly where an annoying blackhead it is, so you can fix it all and show off a healthy, smooth and beautiful face, the way you have ever wanted.

Have ever happened to you that you want to remove a hair from an eyebrow and you simply cannot grab it with the tip of a pair of tweezers? Have ever happened to you that you want to take out a blackhead and you can feel it with your fingers but cannot located on your face? Would you like to have a magnifying mirror but you do not have room for it at home? Well, Beter wants to help you to get a solution to these and other problems when it comes at looking your face on a mirror, for that it has designed this spectacular, convenient and comfortable mirror, Double Handbag Mirror (x5) from Beter, which allows you to have a close look at you wherever you are.

Double Handbag Mirror (x5) from Beter has been designed by Beter for you to have available 2 functions at the time of need to use a mirror, on one side it provides a normal magnification of your face and the other side it magnifies five times, helping you to have a sharp reflection of your face, so you can see every part of your face in high definition. Use it to have a neat and healthy face, and also clean, smooth and free of impurities, blackheads, or facial hair.

Double Handbag Mirror (x5) from Beter, in addition to being very light for your convenience, has a compact size, so you can take it in your make-up box anywhere you go, it will always be there to help you see each area of your face when touching up or taking a look at how your make-up and look have been doing during the day. In addition, it has the same shape of any common cosmetic, which allows you to take it in one hand, so the other one is free to grab a color pencil, a pair of tweezers or whatever you need.

Facts of Double Handbag Mirror (x5) from Beter:

  • One side with normal magnification and the other one magnifies 5 times.
  • Its size makes it ideal to take it with you wherever you go.
  • 7.5 cm long.

Double Handbag Mirror (x5) from Beter allows you to look at your face and see it with high definition, so you can inspect it, clean it up, and with it keep always your face as beautiful as you want.

Recommended use: it is ideal to have a detailed reflection of your face when it is time to make yourself up, pluck a hair, clean your face up or watch your face closely.

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