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Double Cosmetic Sharpener (8 and 12 mm) - Beter

Double Cosmetic Sharpener from Beter is a pencil sharpener that will be very useful to keep your makeup pencils perfectly sharpened in the fastest way, avoiding cracks or annoying fractions. This product gives you the freedom to choose the pencil's tip shape, either a thin tip or a rounder one.

    Double Cosmetic Sharpener from Beter is the one you need because no other will be faster.

    The pencil sharpener that is commonly used in the school, you also use it for your makeup pencils, but it is not recommended, because it does not give that perfect and special finish to the tip that this type of pencils should have. That's why, Double Cosmetic Sharpener from Beter is the basic instrument that you cannot miss in your makeup case.

    This tool is specially designed to give an excellent sharpness to makeup pencils, but without spoiling them, in a single pass, which is something you will appreciate when you are in a hurry. It will serve in the same way in eye, eyebrow, lip pencils, among others and to all it will give the same outstanding finish. It will turn your makeup routines into a better experience.

    This pencil sharpener is the best you can have. Double Cosmetic Sharpener from Beter will offer you several benefits. For example, when it comes to the blade, it has one that is excellent of an exceptional and unique sharpening, which is essential for cosmetic pencils. This product also has two holes (8 mm and 12 mm) that will allow you to have a standard or large tip, that is, a fine or rounded tip, which is feature designed for certain pencils that should have the right tip to make up every part of your face. Moreover, the large hole is especially recommended for a lip or eye pencil, since they usually have such size (large).

    Double Cosmetic Sharpener from Beter has a square shape and black color, with a comfortable enough presentation and does not take up much space. One of the advantages is that in the upper part it has a deposit where the wood chips fall, which is something incredible because it will not get anything dirty, besides, it is easy to clean. It is made of a hard plastic material, which is pretty good because if it falls you will not break.

    Facts of Double Cosmetic Sharpener from Beter

    • High quality.
    • Easy to use.
    • With deposit.
    • Practical.
    • Allows to sharp cosmetic pencils of different thickness.

    Double Cosmetic Sharpener from Beter is a fundamental piece for your makeup routine. It is the best investment you can make, since you will have it for a long time. On the other hand, it is one of the most practical, comfortable, easy-to-use sharpeners, so it will not be a surprise if you buy one. With it, you will be able to keep all your makeup pencils in perfect condition and with a better care, allowing you to prevent damage to the wood with which these pencils are made.

    Recommended use: in the traditional way, just insert the pencil into the appropriate hole and turn it while holding the sharpener steady. This will sharpen the tip, while leaving the chips outside. Use it whenever necessary.

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