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Double Eyeliner Sharpener (8 and 12 mm) - Beter

If you want to have your eyeliners in perfect condition and with a touch of innovation, Beter has created Double Eyeliner Sharpener (8 and 12 mm) from Beter, which allows you to sharpen your eyeliners, whether thick or thin, a feature powered by its two holes, which have different diameters for easily fit.

    Double Eyeliner Sharpener (8 and 12 mm) from Beter. Exclusive to keep your eyeliners ready to use.

    Thinking in the care of your make-up accessories, specifically in the eyeliners, Beter has brought for you this super useful and practical Double Eyeliner Sharpener (8 and 12 mm), with which you can sharpen your make-up pencils from 8 or 12 mm in order to keep them in perfect condition and always ready with the point perfect for drawing a clean and defined line when make yourself up.

    As you might know, the most important thing when using your make-up pencils is that their points are perfectly shaped to have on your face the outline you want. But it is likely that it has happened to you that the shapener you was using did not give the points of your pencils or lipsticks the shape you needed to achieve the outine you wanted on your eyes or lips, in order to prevent that uncomfortable situation from happening again, Beter has designed the super practical Double Eyeliner Sharpener (8 and 12 mm), with a spectacular precision blade that do not cause cracking or splintering to pieces in your favorite cosmetic pencil, which provides your make-up with good care and quality.

    The blade that Beter has included in Double Eyeliner Sharpener (8 and 12 mm) will just removed the necessary amount from the cosmetic you sharpen, ensuring greater useful life to your eyeliner pencils. With this amazing and versatile sharpener that Beter has created for your make-ups, your eyeliners will never stay at the bottom of your make-up case.

    Something useful that Beter has put at your disposal in Double Eyeliner Sharpener (8 and 12 mm) in order to give your make-up a professional finish, it is a small switch that lets sharpen your pencils in a rounded or fine form, so you can choose the outine that best suits the make-up you wish to apply in a given moment. In addition, as its name implies, it has 2 holes of different diameter, one 8 mm and another 12 mm, for different sizes, so you can sharpen all your eyeliners, regardless they are thick or thin.

    Facts of Double Eyeliner Sharpener (8 and 12 mm) from Beter:

    • Its precision blade sharpen your eyeliners but only cutting off the necessary amount of product.
    • Has a small switch that allows to change the shape, between rounded and fine, we can give to the point an eyeliner.
    • Has two holes for sharpening thick or thin pencils, one of 8 mm and another 12 mm.

    Maintain and sharpen your eyeliner pencils with Double Eyeliner Sharpener (8 and 12 mm) from Beter, a sharpener created to extend the useful life of your pencils and therefore draw the outline you want when it comes to a neat make-up.

    Recommended use: sharpen an eyeliner pencil by putting it into the corresponding hole according to its thickness. Use the switch to give it a rounded or fine shape to its point.

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