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Deslia Royale Brush - Beter

With Deslia Royale Brush from Beter you will make your recover its natural and healthy shine. With its flexible bristles your will get the tangles out of your hair easily, either dry or wet. It is compact and practical, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Its luxurious design is perfect for you and your hair.

    Deslia Royale Brush from Beter. Luxury for your hair.

    Deslia Royale Brush from Beter is the product that allows you keep your hair with a more intensive care, so you are always prepared for an outing or for daily chores. It is a brush ideal to keep in your purse or briefcase because of its size allows an ergonomic grip and its detailed and luxurious design makes brushing very easy, with its flexible bristles you can get the tangles out of your hair, either dry or wet. Beter gives you a striking, luxurious brush that comes presented in a protective case to ensure its durability and beauty.

    The well established brand Beter, in its brush line Deslia Royale, has made available to customers an innovative anti-tug brush that is great for working out tangles and knots, you will notice how practical and comfortable it is to get your hair brushed with this incredible brush. A well cared for hair is always achieved if we treat it as we must. The use of different cosmetic products, shampoos and conditioners help a lot, but the quality of the brush we use is also fundamental to keep it shiny, thick and protected against the inclemency of the weather, chlorine pools, among others.

    This innovative brush features a modern design. To have one of these brushes among the various cosmetics we have for our personal care is a luxury. Deslia Royale Brush from Beter allows you to get that natural shine to even the thinnest hairs, you only need to brush it every time you need, as each one of its flexible bristles stimulate your scalp in an intense and effective way without damaging it, which contributes to have a silky and shiny hair. It is very important to know to get the tangles out of your hair without breaking the strands of its in order to take the advantages that Deslia Royale Brush from Beter offers.  The positive effects will appear so fast you will not believe it, brushing your hair at night and in the morning will be enought to reactivate the circulation on the scalp and the softness show up.

    Facts of Deslia Royale Brush from Beter:

    • It is compact and practical.
    • It comes in a protective case.
    • Its bristles are flexible, which makes easy to get the tangles out.
    • It has a very long useful life.
    • It can be used on wet or dry hair.

    Deslia Royale Brush from Beter helps your hair to look radiant and shine, you only need to brush it every day, morning and night, and it is sure that those around you will be first to notice the spectacular change of your hair. So be ready to surprise your family and friends. The positive results will begin to show a little after start the routine described, and you will feel satisfied when you realize the great improvement that you will give to your personal appearance, with minimum effort.

    Recommended use: for a unbeatable hair treatment, brush it beginning from the nape of the neck towards the ends, moving your head down. Your hair will recover its natural shine and smoothness.

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