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Deslía Pro Brush with Argan Oil and Keratin - Beter

Deslía Pro Brush with Argan Oil and Keratin from BETER is a hair brush of the highest quality that offers unique features for your care. It is made with two types of teeth: long ones to get the tangles out the hair and short ones to massage the scalp. It has rounded and protected tips.

    Shining and strong hair with Deslía Pro Brush with Argan Oil and Keratin from BETER

    Attractive hair depends to large extend on the care it receives. And the Deslía Pro with microparticles of Argan oil and Keratin is a brush that ensures its nutrition while keeping it tidy. It has a comfortable design, shaped with long and short teeth, of flexible consistency. The former are responsible for keeping the tangles out and the latter massages the scalp and thus stimulating its health and the growth of hair fibers. The tips are protected and the composition of this brush emits Argan oil and Keratin, which strengthens the hair and gives it a bright and healthy appearance.

    There are clear ways to have shiny, strong hair. On the one hand, in order for it to grow naturally, it needs nutrition. And when this is not maintained due to exposure to the environment it must be provided by an external application. On the other hand, the scalp should also be stimulated. As a result it will increase the blood supply, which will strengthen the hair follicles. And as a result, a renewed and shining hair is produced. And all this can be obtained with a Deslía Pro Brush with Argan Oil and Keratin from BETER. It is a brush that offers all these features in a single beauty object.

    In addition to its teeth with different functions, its structure provides the hair with argan oil. This is a nutrient rich in vitamin E that reduces frizziness and increases its brightness. Especially at the tips. On the other hand, for a more complete protection also provides Keratin whose proteins repair the hair and strengthen it. All this is what this special brush offers. It has been designed for the frequent care of all types of hair, through nutrition and natural stimulation of the blood circulation in the scalp.

    Facts of Deslía Pro Brush with Argan Oil and Keratin from BETER

    • Long teeth to untangle hair.
    • Short teeth to massage the scalp.
    • Rounded and protected tips.
    • With argan oil and keratin for hair care.

    Deslía Pro Brush with Argan Oil and Keratin from BETER is a good instrument for daily hair brushing. Not only to shape it, but also to massage it and stimulate the production of natural oils from the scalp. This type of brushing should be done when the hair is dry. You have to start gently at the ends, until you reach the scalp. You also have to keep the same direction and slide its rounded tips on the head providing a massage. In this way it will stay clean and better prepared for a steady and healthy growth.

    Recommended use: for beauty and personal care.

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