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Cushion Brush, Nylon Ball-tip Bristles - 22.5 cm

No more tangles or very dry ends. It is 22.5cm long and has flexible nylon bristles that will facilitate the brushing and revitalise your hair from the very first use. Moreover, prevent pulling the hair strands and protect your scalp with its protective balls, in addition to giving it a soft massage to stimulate the circulation.

    Cushion Brush, Nylon Ball-tip Bristles from Beter is a perfect fit to show off a beautiful hair.

    Cushion Brush, Nylon Ball-tip Bristles from Beter is the accessory indicated to get the tangles out of your hair vigorously, with soft touches on your scalp. Beter, the most sold brand when in comes to combs and brushes, all that because of its innovative production process that makes possible to produce high-quality products like the one presented herein, which allows to renew your hair with a magic brushing that gives life to your spoiled and very dry ends. The nylon bristles are flexible because they are made of rubber and thus they facilitate the brushing simply with constancy.

    Ever since Beter launched to the market Cushion Brush, Nylon Ball-tip Bristles from Beter, without a doubt it has benefitted the hair beauty of many women. Not more suffering at the time of getting the tangles out of your hair, with a few brushings it will look healthy and shining and thanks to the innovative nylon bristles that feature protective small balls in its ends. Cushion Brush, Nylon Ball-tip Bristles from Beter is not only for adults to enjoy but also for children who can take advantage of it, specially when it comes to getting the tangles out of their hair. Moreover, its design does not spoil hair strands thanks to the nylon bristles and the protective small balls at the tips of them. Additionally, it is flexible and with constant use incredible and long lasting results are achieved and thus preventing the hair from sticking out from the root to the ends.

    The rubber bristles are positioned strategically in different levels of the brush in order to achieve the objective of having a disentangled and shining hair. Diverse types of brushes exist but the one from Beter must be on your dressing table, because it is necessary to massage the scalp daily and comb the hair with a special brush with the purpose of maintaining a good look. Brushing daily your hair has very great advantages, in this way you will ensure the resistance and smoothness of your hair strands. If you do it at least 2 times to the day, do it in the morning to activate the circulation after having rested and at night to remove the impurities that may have got stuck in the hair during the day.

    Facts of Cushion Brush, Nylon Ball-tip Bristles from Beter:

    • Gets the tangles out without pulling.
    • Rubber flexible bristles.
    • Protects the scalp with its protective balls.
    • Prevents pulling the hair strands.
    • Prevents hair from sticking out.
    • Strong and long lasting.
    • 22.5 cm long.

    Cushion Brush, Nylon Ball-tip Bristles is produced by the well-known range of products: Beter. This brush is indispensable for your personal care. It has been created with the perfect design, always thinking about your comfort and well-being. You can obtain the greatest benefits regardless whether your hair is long or short. Use the brush with the dry or wet hair by combing it with smoothness and giving it the desired look.

    Recommended use: the option for better results is to use this brush daily by brushing it smoothly, getting the tangles out with its flexible bristles protected by small balls that will massage your scalp without damage.

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