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Cushion Brush, Nylon Ball-tip Bristles - 17.5 cm

Thinking about the care of your hair, Beter has brought you an incredibly small nylon brush, which will allow you to keep your hair neat and with the style you like the most. It has nylon bristles with soft but firm balls on each tip to massage your scalp while leaving your hair loose and manageable.

    Cushion Brush, Nylon Ball-tip Bristles from Beter, take it wherever you want to have perfect hair.

    Cushion Brush, Nylon Ball-tip Bristles from Beter is the perfect brush to keep your look in any place, with its incredibly resistant nylon bristles it leaves your hair loose and manageable, and with the soft ball that each bristle has at the tip. Moreover, it stimulates the growth of the hair and strengthens it.

    Helping you look good at all times, Beter has designed this super small brush. Has not it happened to you that you go somewhere and when you see yourself in the mirror to touch up you would like to have a brush at hand? Being with you in those moments Beter designed this brush with the ideal size of 17.5 cm, so that you can carry it in your wallet or in your purse perfectly. You can take it to work, to walk, to the gym, to the school or to the university so thus your hair will be always combed.

    Since the hair is the frame of your face you always want to have it beautiful, thick, loose and shining and all that can be achieved using this brush because its small separated bristles have the flexibility and the separation indicated to comb and get the tangles out of your hair. Gentle way, without mistreating it and without causing you pain when untangling it. In addition, Beter has included in the design of this brush a small ball at the tip of each bristle so that while combing your beautiful hair you gently massage the scalp so that you stimulate its growth from the hair follicle. By stimulating the hair follicle with this brush you will be contributing to the regeneration of new hair, which will increase the volume of your hair, in addition to looseness and shine. Grannies always said that we brushed our hair 100 times before sleeping to have it beautiful, because the experts have given the reason and also say that brushing the hair regularly during the day helps to move the scalp root to stimulate its growth at the same time that you stimulate the circulation of the blood giving strength to your hair.

    The handle that Beter has designed for this incredible small brush is completely ergonomic, this allows you greater safety, comfort and firmness when holding your brush to comb your hair, making this job much easier and more pleasant.

    Facts of Cushion Brush, Nylon Ball-tip Bristles from Beter

    • Its perfect size makes it ideal for you to take it with you every time you go out.
    • It has a soft ball at the tip of its flexible bristles to stimulate the scalp.
    • Made of nylon, which makes it very resistant and durable.

    Comb your hair anytime and anywhere with this small nylon brush from Beter, so you're always beautiful.

    Recommended use: to comb the hair regularly and give it the desired shape.

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