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Curved Nail Pedicure Scissors - 10.5 cm

The appearance of your feet has vital importance to look impeccable, these pedicure scissors are perfect for taking care of them as their design with slightly curved tips provide the precision to make accurate cuts. As it is made with forged and tempered steel, they are very strong and durable.

    Curved Nail Pedicure Scissors from Beter. For almost professional use.

    Curved Nail Pedicure Scissors from Beter are the best tool to work on the toenails without any inconvenience, pain or unnecessary cuts. These can be used by both men and women who wish to have their feet looking great in a safe way, because the scissors made by Beter are forged in tempered steel, which provides safety and confidence at the time of use because it has been made with strict quality control you can check every time you use it to beautify your feet.

    Well cared for nails of both hands and feet tell about a woman that she is a person that cares about the health, well-being and hygiene of her entire body, for that reason, it is important to have at home tools that help care and improve the appearance of the feet. Remember that keeping the nails healthy and well cared for is of vital importance to have a neat appearance.

    The cutting of the toenails is very important and must be carried out using appropriate good quality tools as feet are delicate upon having a pedicure. Beter brings you Curved Nail Pedicure Scissors, which is a product whose design with little curved tips makes easy the precision and cut of your toenails, plus the material it is made with is of very high quality and very durable, heat forged tempered steel, the strongest tool you can have on your hands.

    These scissors are recommended exclusively for pedicure use, in this way you will do precise and safe cuts and thus avoiding unnecessary injuries and preventing nails from becoming ingrown. Your feet will look very nice and without annoying edges. To top it off, the size of Curved Nail Pedicure Scissors from Beter is perfect and safe for your comfort upon use.

    Facts of Curved Nail Pedicure Scissors from Beter

    • It is 10.5 cm long.
    • It makes easy to do straight and precise cuts, thus preventing the nails from becoming ingrown.
    • It allows to do a precise and easy toenail cutting.
    • Its tips are slightly curved, which makes easy to cut the toenails.
    • It is made of heat forged and tempered steel, so it is very durable.
    • Its finish was made using chrome and nickel.

    You must use Curved Nail Pedicure Scissors from Beter in order to cut your toenails without any inconveniences, as it is intended to make the pedicure task very easy, fast and safe.

    Recommended use: Curved Nail Pedicure Scissors from Beter should be exclusively used to cut the toenails in an easier and faster way. It is also very safe to use. For better results, you should file the toenails after have them cut.

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