Copper-plated Crab Tip Tweezers - 8.3 cm

Beter designed just for you Copper-plated Crab Tip Tweezers from Beter, a pair of tweezers that features copper-plated tip intended to pluck the tiny unwanted hair from the root, without any problems due to the shape of its crab-like tip. Those features makes this tool perfect for leaving your face tidy and free from unwanted little hairs.

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Copper-plated Crab Tip Tweezers from Beter. To show off more eye-catching eyebrows.

Copper-plated Crab Tip Tweezers from Beter is intended exclusively for stylizing and grooming eyebrows, looking after the line of the features in symmetry with eyes. This tiny personal care accessory brings high precision to plucking, ensuring a perfect result. The tweezers are made with a copper-plated tip designed to pluck hair from the root without problems due to its crab-like shape, and thus being able to do the job in detail and ease.

Beter, brand leader in the market of personal care products, has launched its copper-plated crab tip tweezers to help women solve the problems they face when plucking their face. The aim of this necessary tool for beauty is give its users a steady grip to be able to achieve perfect results when plucking, that is, have a shining face with beautiful eyebrows in a flash, in the style you want. This tool is synonymous with a quick and practical plucking.

Copper is a metal that adapts perfectly to the good use and safety to have an excellent plucking of eyebrow hair. Copper-plated Crab Tip Tweezers from Beter is ideal for plucking hair that make the space between the eyebrows look bad, improve the look you need to show off a radiant face with arched and tidy eyebrows. With the least effort you can bring value to the aesthetics of your face, and yes, it has a name, Copper-plated Crab Tip Tweezers from Beter.

The tip of this pair of tweezers is similiar to the legs of a crab, therefore, a better grip of unwanted hairs is possible. So this tool can be used in areas such as eyebrows, ears, nose and moustache, always obtaining spectacular results. Pull softly towards the hair growth, very close to the follicle, the result will be a hairless, painless and well-defined area. Always use it firmly, but without sudden movements to obtain the best reaction.

Facts of Copper-plated Crab Tip Tweezers from Beter:

  • 8.3 cm long.
  • Quality and durability guaranteed.
  • High precision powered by its crab tip.
  • Modern design.
  • Polished tip aligned with the handle.
  • Made of copper.

If you haven't saw a Copper-plated Crab Tip Tweezers from Beter yet, you should do it quickly. When you buy yours you will wonder how was possible you did not know about such a tool. With its use you will feel comfortable and safe because it is very convenient to pluck hair on the face, a task that must be done carefully.

Recommended use: to have eye-catching and impeccable eyebrows as it is intended to pluck hair using energetic and firm pulls, then apply a quality moisturizer.

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