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Crab Tip Tweezers - 7.8 cm

Crab Tip Tweezers from Beter is a very useful pair of tweezers that allows you to easily pluck the hair from any part of your body. Also if you make good use of it you can get in the notorious parts such as eyebrows, a unique shape and very good appearance.

    Crab Tip Tweezers from Beter is ideal to pluck the annoying hair.

    It is a straight-shaped clip with a two-tip finish to press with the fingers and extract or pull the hair from a part of the body you want free of hair. Crab Tip Tweezers from Beter is ideal to get rid of those hairs that bother you so much. Moreover, they are easy to use: these at one end are widened so that they can be pressed with the fingers causing the opening of the clamp, when they are released, it closes capturing the hair that was introduced in its interior achieving in this way its rapid extraction.

    These tweezers will help you to pluck the hairs of your body without the help of someone or on your own. Furthermore, these tweezers are very practical good looking and good size, so you can keep it in your closet and due to its light weight you can keep it in a pocket of your purse. Moreover, they are comfortable and easy to use, you do not need the help of a person to use it. Crab Tip Tweezers from Beter is a tool that not only serves as a tool for a perfect plucking but also for some other tasks such as, removing splinters or thorns that have been stuck in the hand, feet, or some other part of the body.

    Using these tweezers is one of the simplest ways to remove annoying and unwanted hair from our body, it is not the fastest method, because we have to remove the hair one by one but it is durable because it removes the hair from the root. Moreover, is an ideal method for areas where we have little hair as is the case of the upper lip between the eyebrows. Crab Tip Tweezers from Beter is a very practical pair of tweezers, although the area of the treated skin tends to redden, this irritation lasts only a few minutes and the results are the best.

    Facts of Crab Tip Tweezers from Beter

    • Made with strong materials.
    • Easy to handle.
    • Pluck the hair from the root.
    • Very effective results.
    • Comfortable to use.

    This is the pair of tweezers you need to remove unwanted hair. Crab Tip Tweezers from Beter is one of the methods for hair removal that makes this task easier and does not involve too many complications. In fact, this allows you to pluck the hairs from the root and you are sure to remove all the hairs you want. Finally, the batteries are designed to pluck hair from specific areas and of difficult access, so this is why they are suitable for eyebrows, space between the eyebrows or whiskers.

    Recommended use: ideal to get rid of that hair that is so uncomfortable.

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