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Chromed Crab Tip Tweezers - 9.3 cm

Chromed Crab-tipped Tweezers from Beter was made following an excellent design that includes a wonderful fine crab tip to help you pluck any area of ​​your face, accurately, pulling the hair from the root, even in the most delicate areas. As it is made of durable and strong metal, you will have it for a lifetime, besides, due to its very fantastic size, you can take it anywhere.

    Chromed Crab-tipped Tweezers from Beter is the most effective and precise hair plucking instrument.

    Chromed Crab-tipped Tweezers from Beter is a great pair of tweezers made of metallic material, with an easy grip, which helps pluck the hairs on your face, from the root, of course, without hurting the skin, since it has a fantastic crab-like tip, very thin and delicate, which holds the hairs precisely. In addition, it comes in a perfect size, so you can keep it in your wallet or pocket.

    While it is true that the face is one of the most delicate parts of the body, we must not forget that small hairs also grow there and can often make us feel uncomfortable, such as in the eyebrows, the area of ​​the bozo or around the mouth, even on the chin, which is where thick hairs usually appear, which necessarily require their removal with a suitable tool, as is the case of the great Chromed Crab-tipped Tweezers from Beter.

    Generally, this pair of tweezers offers the advantage of removing hairs from such areas of the face without having to resort to other painful methods, such as waxing or removal by laser. Fortunately, this tool can be used to pluck every hair in a practical, clean and fast way. Plus, its tip has been shaped like a crab and thus it is convenient for plucking all kinds of hair. Chromed Crab-tipped Tweezers from Beter has been designed to pluck hairs in very delicate, rough or narrow areas, therefore, this tool cannot be missing in your cosmetic kit.

    Fortunately, Chromed Crab-tipped Tweezers from Beter facilitates the plucking of hairs from the root, which means that they will not appear again until a few days. In addition, it has a very comfortable and splendid shape, with an area for grip on the handles, to hold it very well and be superbly precise when plucking a small hair. As it is made of metal, you can use it under the shower, in the sink, and of course, you could have it your entire life, if you know how to take care of it.

    Chromed Crab-tipped Tweezers from Beter can be used by any person, both men and women, since its functioning is the most effective, natural and painless.

    Facts of Chromed Crab-tipped Tweezers from Beter

    • Allows to pluck the hairs from the root.
    • Has a comfortable handle for a great grip.
    • Helps pluck on delicate, narrow or rough areas.
    • Features a great crab-shaped tip to pluck hairs accurately.

    If you care about your personal hygiene, the fantastic Chromed Crab-tipped Tweezers from Beter will help you pluck any hair from the root, ensuring excellent precision. So, incorporate it into your cosmetic kit, and enjoy the most splendid hair removal method.

    Recommended use: take this pair of tweezers by its handles, and pluck hairs, either from the eyebrows, the bozo, the chin or any other part.

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