Chrome Plated Straight Tip Manicure Scissors - 9.3 cm

Chrome Plated Straight Tip Manicure Scissors from BETER is a high quality tool for the care and beauty of the hands. Made with chromed carbon steel, it is 9.3 cm long. It has straight blades, designed to make a firm and precise cut. It is easy to use and can be used to cut all types of nails.

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Chrome Plated Straight Tip Manicure Scissors from BETER to preserve painstakingly neat hands.

To have neat and nice hands you need to own a Chrome Plated Straight Tip Manicure Scissors from BETER. It is a practical and high quality tool, made with carbon chromed steel. Its measurements are 0.5 x 4.3 x 9.3 centimeters. It has a weight of only 18 grams. Its straight blades are responsible for maintaining the homogeneous shape of the nail. Make a regular, firm and effective cut. It has a very stable structure that does an excellent job on fingers and toes. Ideal as a tool for professionals in manicure, to give aesthetic shape. However, it is also viable as a personal tool for the beauty of the hands.

The cutting of the nails is done for hygienic and aesthetic reasons. And if you want to be successful in the second, a regular cut of nails is the best to strengthen them since it favors an optimal and striking development. The neglect of the nails and exposure to the environment only weakens them. If you do not have them done properly they break and cause discomfort. In the same way that happens when pruning a tree, it is necessary to cut them and eliminate their imperfections so that they grow strong and firm again. Consequently Chrome Plated Straight Tip Manicure Scissors from BETER is needed, which does an excellent job to give them shape and definition.

In many cases, when cutting the nails, curved cuts are made following their natural shape. However, experts recommend making straight cuts. This prevents it from growing improperly by inserting itself in the epidermis. And that's why Chrome Plated Straight Tip Manicure Scissors from BETER has a straight shape. This reduces the possibility of imperfections that may be the source of some discomfort. Especially in the corners where straight cuts are recommended, which keep the nail in a good lane. It also has comfortable clamping rings, compatible with all types of hands.

Facts of Chrome Plated Straight Tip Manicure Scissors from BETER

  • Made with carbon chromed steel
  • Size of 0.5 x 4.3 x 9.3 centimeters
  • Weight of 18 grams
  • Individual long-lasting sharpening

When using Chrome Plated Straight Tip Manicure Scissors from BETER you will notice that it works in a regular and fluid way. It is easy to handle and its straight cut is ideal for all types of nails. To obtain better results in the beauty of the hands it is recommended to respect the natural shape of the nails. For a long lifespan, use only for this job. Thanks to its small and stylized size, it can be kept with other utensils for the aesthetics of the nails, or for individual care.

Recommended use: for hygiene and personal aesthetics.

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