Chrome Plated Manicure Nippers - 10.3 cm

Beter offers the best chrome curved nail manicure nippers which will be your ally for it since its precise cut will give you the neat look you are looking for. With a length of 10.3 cm and a chrome plated surface you will not resist. You can not be the only one without this high quality product that should be in your manicure case because your hands and nails deserve the best, so buy it now.

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Chrome Plated Manicure Nippers from Beter for taking care of your hands with elegance and delicacy.

Your hands and nails are important when you want to make a good impression because if you dedicate time to them it means that you are a perfectionist in many other things, to take care of them use a Chrome Plated Manicure Nippers from Beter that will give you the exact precision to cut the nails by its curved shape, these nippers are also very resistant so you can use them as many times as you want without getting damaged and the passage of time will not affect them at all.

A pair of nippers for your hands is essential in your manicure case and the best quality is very important because you can hurt yourself if the material with which it is made is not strong enough. These nippers will facilitate the process of cutting your nails at the time of having a manicure and since it is made with top-notch materials you will not have any inconvenience when using it.

Nowadays, most women visit beauty salons less to get a manicure because time is too short for all the things to do but they always want to show off some spectacular hands, next, some tips are shared so you can cut the fingernails in the right way with the hand pliers that we are introducing to you:

What better than learning how to cut your nails properly, avoiding hurting yourself or getting rid of those annoying hangnails that affect the aesthetics of your hands. To achieve this, put in a bowl of soapy water or exfoliant, submerge your hands and let them stand for 5 or 10 minutes so that the nails soften a little and facilitate the cut, and with this you will exfoliate your hands to keep them soft, dry hands and nails very well apply a little cuticle remover on the cuticle and remove the remains.

With Chrome Plated Manicure Nippers from Beter, cut the nails leaving at least 3 millimeters away to protect your fingers, never cut too short because you expose your fingers to bacteria. Cut the nails straight without leaving irregular edges, now file the nails and give them the shape that you like. For a better conservation of manicure pliers it is recommended that you put a drop of oil before and after you use it.

Facts of Chrome Plated Manicure Nippers from Beter

  • Chrome plated surface
  • 10.3 cm in length
  • Overlapping pliers

Your hands and nails also say a lot about you, you can not be the only one without these Beter's 10.3 cm manicure nippers.

Recommended use: use only to cut the fingernails with great precision.

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