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Chrome Plated Blackhead Remover - 10.2 cm

Keeping a spotless face without abrasions is now possible with Chrome Plated Blackhead Remover, which is 10.2 cm long for more precision and is the instrument perfect for removing blackheads from your face. Just use steam or put a warm towel on your face to open the pores and then use instrument. Your face look great!

    Chrome Plated Blackhead Remover from Beter. 

    The spectacular and super practical Chrome Plated Blackhead Remover from Beter is the perfect tool to remove blackheads on your face without squeezing with your fingers, which helps to avoid damage the delicate skin of the face, to leave it as beautiful, clean and smooth as you have always wanted.

    This time Beter, thinking of the cleaning and beauty of your face, brings the practical and very hygienic Chrome Plated Blackhead Remover from Beter, which is the instrument ideal to remove the undesirable and annoying blackheads and spots that do not let you to show off completely your beautiful face. Have ever happened to you that you have a very important event and just the night before you notice a terrible blackhead has come out? Often in the haste to remove it we squeeze it with our hands which leaves the skin reddish and looking even worse than with the blackhead. In order to prevent this from ever happening to you again, Beter designed this blackhead remover that features a hole round metal tip that has the right size to help you remove the spots or blackheads in the most hygienic and delicate way possible.

    Before use you must wash your face very well and disinfect both the instrument and the area to remove the spot or blackhead from. It is highly recommended that you put a towel dampen in warm water on the face for a few seconds or get exposed to some steam before using Chrome Plated Blackhead Remover from Beter. Once the face is clean and its pores widen, put the center of the instrument on the blackhead you want to remove, then press slightly to each side and the blackhead will come out completely, a little oil will flow from the pore, and to finish you must desinfect that area of the face.

    By removing blackheads with Chrome Plated Blackhead Remover from Beter instead of squeezing with your hands you ensure the hygiene necessary to keep your face free of infections and reddening caused by using the strength of your fingers in the delicate skin of your face.

    Facts of Chrome Plated Blackhead Remover from Beter

    • Allows you to remove blackheads from your face in a hygienic and soft way.
    • Made with chrome plated material to ensure its durability and style.

    Stop using your hands to remove blackheads from your face, instead, try Chrome Plated Blackhead Remover from Beter to rid your face of those impurities in a delicate and hygienic way, and thus your face will get look smooth and healthy.

    Recommended use: apply steam to your face, put the blackhead the center of the instrument's ring and move to each side while pushing slightly.

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