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Callus Remover with Catcher - Beter

To leave your feet as perfect and soft as never before, Beter designed a powerful tool, Callus Remover with Catcher from Beter, which allows you to remove calluses and hard skin from your feet so you can show them off when you want. It has more than a hundred micro razors and a file achieve a more perfect finish.

    Callus Remover with Catcher from Beter is a very useful tool to keep your feet beautiful and as soft as never before.

    This time Beter has designed this callus remover with deposit for the care of your feet, use it if you want your feet to look beautiful, free of calluses or hard skin.

    Its surface is made of stainless steel and has more than a hundred micro razors on one side, which remove the dead skin on the soles. On the other side, it has a file that allows to give the perfect finish to the pedicure because it makes the skin soft and thus leaving your feet beautiful and soft to touch. It also has a deposit that catches everything that is removed from the feet to make this task an incredibly hygienic experience.

    Do you feel that your feet have been losing softness over time? Do you have some calluses or hard skin that you do not know how remove? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions Callus Remover with Catcher from Beter is the product that you have been looking for. The wonderful Callus Remover with Catcher from Beter will allow you to pamper your feet and leave them as you have ever wanted because it helps remove dead cells and hard skin from the soles in an effective, soft and comfortable way. Callus Remove with Catcher from Beter has a flat metallic part that cuts delicately the dead skin that creates hard skin you want to get rid of.

    To make even more hygienic your pedicure sessions, Callus Remover with Catcher from Beter has a detachable deposit that keeps the dead skin that is being removed, at the end of this step you just need to detach it from the tool and throw its contents (everything that prevent your feet from being smooth) in the trash. To finish the pedicure with Callus Remove with Catcher from Beter, you just need to use the fine-grain file on the other side, rubbing it throughout the soles with soft movements, and as you do it you will notice that the skin of your soles are getting as soft as those of a baby. It is recommended to finish the pedicure by using a feet moisturizing cream of your preference.

    Facts of Callus Remover with Catcher from Beter:

    • It has a surface made of stainless steel with more than one hundred micro razors.
    • On its sides has a fine-grain file that is intended to give the final touch to the pedicure and leave the feet soft and beautiful.
    • It has a deposit that keeps the dead skin that has been removed.

    Callus Remover with Catcher from Beter is a tool perfect to have a professional pedicure at home. Your feet will look as soft and beautiful as you have always wanted, to show them off wherever you go.

    Recommended use: put the feet in warm water, then dry them well and slide the surface with micro razors in a soft and circular way, to finish, slide the fine-grain file.

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