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Callus File - 23.4 cm

Callus File from Beter is a product specially designed for the removal of hard skin. This file has a great power to effectively remove the annoying hard skin in a very short time. Made with silicon carbide abrasive, which makes it a powerful file. You will see very good results from the first use.

    Callus File from Beter is ideal to remove hard skin and leave your feet very soft.

    This file is effective, comfortable and provides results in a very short time. Made with silicon carbide abrasive, which allows to remove hard skin with ease and efficiency. It is 23.4 cm long which makes it a good-sized file. The results will surprise you. Callus File from Beter is the best file you can use. In addition, with the regular use of this incredible product you will be able to obtain soft and very fine feet.

    Callus File from Beter is a product that has an ergonomic design, which makes it easy and comfortable to use. This is a very safe method of exfoliation, which removes hard skin in an effective way and can remove even the toughest hard skin, all thanks to its incredible structure. Hard skin is one of the most common problems that a person might have on the feet, but even so, it should not be neglected so that it does not get worse. The hard skin usually appears mainly in the plantar area, which causes discomfort. But, now with Callus File from Beter you can get rid of hard skin from the comfort of your home.

    Callus File from Beter is the best way to remove the annoying hard skin, thanks to its great materials, production and high quality. The hard skin appears due to the pressure exerted at the time of walking and the dehydration of the sole of the foot. Hardened skin can be painful or uncomfortable, so it must be removed to avoid discomfort and to be able to have beautiful feet. Removing hard skin with this product is really easy. In addition, by using this product regularly you will be able to avoid the appearance of hardened skin and you will be able to show off some incredible feet. This is a product highly recommended for athletes, since these can be affected by hard skin much more than the rest of the people. You will be surprised with the results. Without a doubt, this is the best file you could use.

    Facts of Callus File from Beter

    • Ergonomic design.
    • Easy and convenient to use.
    • Removes even the toughest hard skin.
    • Recommended for athletes.
    • Provides results in a short time.
    • Good size.
    • Made with hig-quality materials.
    • Removes hard skin safely.

    There is no better product to get rid of the hard skin of the feet than this. Callus File from Beter is an incredible instrument that can not be missing in your pedicure kit. You will feel like a professional using this product. Get rid of hardened skin in a short time!

    Recommended use: as an aesthetic product, submerge the feet in warm water and proceed to remove the hard skin. Rub the area of the hard skin with the file to make it smooth.

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