Bronzing compact powder - Beter

Compact Powders Tan from Beter is an ideal product for your face as this provides a becoming golden shade without clogging the pores, light and silky texture, with which you can get a natural finish and without shine, also contains white tea extract, which prevents aging.

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Compact Powders Tan from Beter, one of the best cosmetic powders ever created, for the pleasure of her.

Compact Powders Tan from Beter is a novel compact powder that prevents aging also helps to seal the make-up absorbing excess moisture if you want to make up your face without harming the health of your skin, nor its internal structure, you must rely completely on our product as it is responsible for giving you that tan shade that you desire so much, is dermatologically tested also suitable for sensitive skin.

Compact Powders Tan from Beter will give you a tan and natural look, perfect for everyday use, where you will have a light and silky texture without clogging the pores. Made of white tea extract that gives you a great benefit as it is the rejuvenating effect, and also does not contain parabens enriched with translucent mineral powders, without talcum and with the necessary color dose. High-tolerance hypo-allergenic formula with optimal adhesion, helps and provides maximum hydration and protection for all skin types, since it is used to make the skin look rejuvenated and natural.

Compact Powders Tan from Beter is the best option for women who want to bring their face to life. It achieves natural coverage. This powder will help you hide those flaws that bother you. Among those uncomfortable details that can afflict the complexion is the pallor. It reduces to the minimum the appearance of pores, lightening the skin to give it a uniform shade. You can forget the annoying feelings because you get the tan finish you are looking for. It is ideal for retouching natural make-up during the day, these do not stain, and it is not necessary to apply under the foundation.

Facts of Compact Powders Tan from Beter

  • Light and silky texture
  • Optimal adhesion
  • With white tea extract, it prevents aging
  • Waterproof
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Includes a mirror
  • Provides natural coverage
  • Does not leave annoying feelings
  • Free of talcum, fragrance and oil

Compact Powders Tan from Beter is right now, without doubt, a house expert in aesthetic treatments. Besides being the favorite brand of women. Impeccable styles are possible thanks to our products which provide total confidence to our customers, so you can get the best make-up that will give you the perfect look no matter which side of you you want to highlight, enhance your natural beauty, we have products of an excellent preparation and quality, high-tech formats based on effective high-tolerance hypo-allergenic formulas. They are tested dermatologically, have comfortable textures and precise applicators, ideal to make you up easier getting your face tanned, natural look, without shine and also you can get a fresh and young-looking result.

Recommended use: as a cosmetic, to achieve a smooth and natural effect, impregnate the brush with a light coat, remove the excess product with a slight tap, and slide it over the forehead, cheekbone and chin as if you were drawing a 3, do the same on the other side.

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