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Blunt Tip Baby Scissors with Plastic Handle - 9.2 cm

Cut the small nails of your baby can be a great challenge, as they are so small and the hands so delicate that probably you are afraid of damaging him. For the peace of mind of mothers, Beter brings to the market Blunt Tip Baby Scissors with Plastic Handle, a product with 100% safe design, as its tips are blunt but give a precise and delicate cut.

    Blunt Tip Baby Scissors with Plastic Handle from Beter

    Mothers will feel very good buying a quality pair of scissors that offers comfort and precision when it comes to cut their baby nails without damaging the delicate skin those little persons have. Beter thought of that and created for them a wonderful product: Blunt Tip Baby Scissors with Plastic Handle. This product is 9.2 cm long and is intended to use to cut the nails of babies during the first few months as part of their hygiene. It is an instrument with highly ergonomic grip and precision thanks to its plastic handle.

    Scissors to cut the nails of babies are ideal to take care of the small hands of your baby. It is a very safe product to be used during the first few months of babies as part of their personal hygiene. Beter presents an instrument of high precision and ergonomic plastic handle.

    Blunt Tip Baby Scissors with Plastic Handle from Beter is a pair of scissors ideal for taking care of hands and nails of babies when there is a slight growth of the latter. It is guaranteed a delicate and soft cut that will remain without getting splintered and free of sharp edges that might cause a baby to scratch its face when touching it, therefore this product is the favorite of most mothers.

    Many mothers especially first-time mothers have much to learn about the care their babies require, gradually they realize what a baby needs and learn do many tasks that never believe to able to do, however being a mother enhance her senses in order to take care of her littles. Nail cutting is one of many challenges a mother must face, which is very important task as babies tend to touch their face and if their nails are long or sharp they could get some scratches, which is very painful for them, so it is very urgent to cut their nails in the correct way using a pair of scissors created to that end, and Blunt Tip Baby Scissors with Plastic Handle from Beter is a shining example.

    Facts of Blunt Tip Baby Scissors with Plastic Handle from Beter

    • Its plastic handle provides a better grip.
    • Its edges are arched and tip is blunt, so it cannot damage the delicate skin of a baby.
    • It has a protective top on the tips to prevent accidents and for better hygiene.
    • It is very safe to use because it does not have sharp tips.

    Care and hygiene that must be provided to children from its early days of life is of vital importance for a healthy life. Cutting the small nails of babies might seem an almost impossible task, but Beter provides you with Blunt Tip Baby Scissors with Plastic Handle from Beter, and then it is very easy to do it. It features of safety give you pace of mind to do that important task in the care of your baby.

    Recommended use: exclusively designed to cut the delicate nails of babies.

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