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Black Tweezers, The Genuine + Brow Stencils - Beter

Black Tweezers, The Genuine + Brow Stencils from Beter is an excellent and practical kit of accessories for the aesthetics and make-up which is ideal for removing facial hair in a quickl, simple, effective way, in addition to facilitate drawing and definition to give your eyebrows a beautiful and attractive look, framing your look and bringing out your personality.

    Black Tweezers, The Genuine + Brow Stencils from Beter, the perfect combination of aesthetics and make-up to give an attractive touch to your look.

    Beter, as a brand expert in beauty cosmetics and accessories, has included in its fabulous Genuine line, black tweezers + Brow Stencils, designed to provide today women with the ease they need to pluck and make up their eyebrows in a simple, detailed and accurate way, in the less time possible for the symmetry and beauty all women want to have. The tip of the these tweezers allows a better grip of the hairs to pluck, and thus prevent the asymmetry of the eyebrow.

    Black Tweezers, The Genuine + Brow Stencils from Beter is a wonderful set designed by Beter for the comfort women need at the time of makeup for any occasion. These tweezers facilitate the plucking of hair from the face, plucking them up from the root and providing your face with a perfect and lasting cleaning. The stencils ensure a nice and symmetrical eyebrow make-up to give that special touch to your eyes and your personality.

    Beter designed especially for you this practical set you definitely must have in your make-up case. The tip of the tweezers provides the grip needed to pluck the the tiny hairs you want to remove. You can use it in various areas such as eyebrows, chin and moustache, even is great to pluck those tiny hairs growing in difficult areas such as ears and nose, allowing you to always have an impeccable look with spectacular results.

    Facts of Black Tweezers, The Genuine + Brow Stencils from Beter

    • This kit contains a pair of Genuine black tweezers and 4 brow stencils.
    • Allows a quicker eyebrow plucking and make-up.
    • Easy to use.
    • Does not go rusty.
    • Made with strong and high-quality materials.
    • Comfortable to keep.
    • Attractive size and nice black color.

    Black Tweezers, The Genuine + Brow Stencils from Beter is a instrument that all women must have in its accessories for the daily care and make-up of their eyebrows. This tool allows them to get a precise and symmetrical eyebrow plucking, in addition to facilitate the plucking of unwanted hairs on other areas such as moustache, nose and ears.

    Recommended use: in order to have beautiful and attractive eyebrows every day, use the genuine tweezers to pluck by putting the pair of tweezers near the root and making soft tugs in the same direction of growth of the tiny hairs you wish to remove, after your eyebrows are clean, use the brow stencils to draw and facilitate the make-up of the them.

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