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Betty Brow Slanted Tip Tweezers, with Brush - Beter

Betty Brow Slanted Tip Tweezers, with Brush from Beter will facilitate your life when it comes to removing facial hair, since it has the pair of tweezers that pluck from the root those annoying hairs and with a brush that allows you to comb your eyebrows after plucking by giving them a perfect appearance.

    Betty Brow Slanted Tip Tweezers, with Brush from Beter. To have the most beautiful eyebrows in the world.

    Betty Brow Slanted Tip Tweezers, with Brush from Beter is a "two in one" that not only removes unwanted hair but also brushes your eyebrows leaving them disciplined and combed. This pair of tweezers is a fundamental piece for any woman's cosmetic bag today. The eyebrows are the frame of our eyes, and these are "the mirror of the soul", that's why our eyebrows are so important to define and give distinctive features to our face. Thinking about that, Beter has brought you this beautifully practical pair of tweezers for hair removal with Betty Brow brush.

    With this "two in one" pair of tweezers you can pluck hair from your eyebrows in a precise and fast way, in soft touch finish as it eliminates any unpleasant and uncomfortable facial hair, which guarantees that it will not grow again for several weeks while maintaining the look of your eyebrows for longer. This pair of tweezers with Betty Brow brush gives you a better grip and more precision when it comes to removing hair one by one.

    Sometimes, although we have already pluck hair from our eyebrows, the hairs that we did not remove remain indomitable and we do not know what to do with them, because they ruin the beautiful shape that we have given to our eyebrows. Thanks to Beter, this excellent pair of tweezers has a small and comfortable brush with nylon fibers that allows you to "tame" the hairs that do not allow you to achieve a beautiful finish on your eyebrows.

    In addition, this brush allows you to brush your eyebrows up, down and from side to side to verify if you have to correct any irregularity with the pair of tweezers, your face will look neat without hair and with the perfect eyebrows that every woman wants. It gives you a greater precision to pluck just the hair you want to remove, comb and discipline the hair of the eyebrows leaving them with the shape you want.

    Facts of Betty Brow Slanted Tip Tweezers, with Brush from Beter:

    • It is "two in one", it has a precision pair of tweezers on one side and a nylon brush on the other one.
    • Leaves a "soft touch" finish when plucking hair from the root.
    • It has a better grip due to the shape of the pair of tweezers.

    Do not think about it anymore and give your look the ideal frame to be as beautiful as you want, with the incredibly accurate and practical Betty Brow Slanted Tip Tweezers, with Brush from Beter.

    Recommended use: use the pair of tweezers to pluck the hair from the eyebrow from the root following the desired shape. Use the brush to comb, discipline and shape the hairs of the eyebrows.

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