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Basic Corn Remover with 10 Blades - 14.5 cm

Basic Corn Remover with 10 Blades from Beter is your best tool to show beautiful feet and without imperfections. It removes corns easily due to its size of 14.5 cm and the ergonomic handle that gives better precision, also includes 10 spare blades for your comfort.

    Basic Corn Remover with 10 Blades from Beter keeps your feet soft, smooth and perfect.

    Basic Corn Remover with 10 Blades from Beter is the perfect ally for your feet to look beautiful, well cared for and healthy without any untimely corn that gives them a bad appearance. It has a hinge head that allows an easy change of the blade, has an ergonomic handle for a much firmer grip and give you more safety when cutting a corn. In addition, it comes with a head protector specially designed to protect the spare blade and keep it out of the reach of possible bacteria that might contaminate it.

    The care of the feet is of the utmost importance to all people who care about their well-being and personal hygiene, because our feet are an important part of our body, so we must give them the attention they need. Generally the feet suffer with the rubbing of the shoes which forms the hard skin that we know as corn, thinking about you, Beter has created this wonderful and practical corn remover with 10 blades that facilitates and gives you confidence when removing those undesirable and painful corns. Its practical length of 14.5 cm is perfect to use it on the feet comfortably, in addition, its ergonomic handle is designed especially for you to have a better grip, allowing you more precision when removing a corn. A good size and a good grip!

    Have you ever heard the phrase "Hygiene is health and health is beauty"? Well this applies perfectly to our personal care, in this case to the care we give our feet. And to avoid contamination of the blades, Beter has included in the design of this a head protector that keeps safe and clean the replacement blade, excellent right?

    To make your purchase a better and more practical experience, Beter has included 10 spare blades exclusively designed by this brand to be used in this corn remover, giving you the peace of mind to ensure its perfect operation for the care of your feet for a long time.

    Facts of Basic Corn Remover with 10 Blades from Beter 

    • Has an ergonomic handle for better grip.
    • Comes with 10 spare blades exclusively designed by Beter for this corn remover.
    • Includes a head protector that keeps the blade and protects it from contamination.
    • 14.5 cm long.

    Basic Corn Remover with 10 Blades from Beter is the ideal instrument to keep your feet healthy, well taken care of and beautiful.

    Recommended use: used to remove the hard skin on the feet after having given them a soaking bath in lukewarm water.

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