Basic Corn Remover with 1 Blade - 14.5 cm

Basic Corn Remover with 1 Blade from BETER is a very useful tool for foot care. It contains a head with screw that adjusts the level of cut that you want to use. It measures 14.5 cm and comes with handle available in pink, black or blue. Recommended for personal care and aesthetics.

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Basic Corn Remover with 1 Blade from BETER to combat very rebellious corns.

Basic Corn Remover with 1 Blade from BETER makes it possible to eliminate very uncomfortable corns and hard skin on the soles. This model has been made with a head, whose screw adjusts the level and intensity of the cut that you want to make, for greater safety. This model has an anatomical handle and has a length of 14.5 cm. It comes in pink, black or blue. It is a useful tool to combat the formation of corns and hard skin very accentuated in the soles. It offers two slots. One in the lower part, intended for use in the clearest parts of the sole. The other in the upper part, which has the purpose of making cuts in less accessible parts.

It is easy to grow corns on the feet due to the use of closed shoes for many hours in the day. The sole defends itself from the formation of blisters, allowing the skin to become thicker and harder. It is, in fact, a natural defense. The problem is that they are anti aesthetic, and when they dry they also cause discomfort. It is common for it to crack easily, get caught in thin socks, and feel uncomfortable in delicate shoes. That's why you cut them, and to do it right Basic Corn Remover with 1 Blade from BETER is the safest way to do it. It has a special adjustable screw, by means of which the soles can be free of hard skin.

When trying to remove on the soles, it is possible that some parts are more easy to treat than others. Most of this surface may not show much resistance. But in irregular parts like the heel, sometimes it becomes a challenge. In the design of Basic Corn Remover with 1 Blade from BETER these difficulties were considered, and that is why it offers two types of slots. In this way options are available, to reduce the discomfort that involves the presence of corns on the feet. Its use improves aesthetics, and provides a lighter and more pleasant sensation. In this way, the contact with any type of footwear is felt more comfortable, during several hours of the day.

Facts of Basic Corn Remover with 1 Blade from BETER

  • Head with screw that adjusts the cutting level.
  • Two slots for different cuts according to the difficulty.
  • 5 cm long.
  • Available in pink black or light blue.

To use Basic Corn Remover with 1 Blade from BETER easily and safely is necessary to first put the feet in warm water. It is advised to do it at least for half an hour. Carefully move this cutter down the soles, in areas where there are the largest corns. Remember to adjust the level of cut you want to use, and use the lower slot for healthier areas and the upper slot for less accessible parts.

Recommended use: for personal foot care.

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