Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set -13.8 x 2.5 cm - Beter

Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set from Beter is the set indicated to care for the hair of the smallest of the house. They have a long handle for better control, the brush is made up of super soft bristles and the comb's teeth have rounded tips to protect the scalp of babies.

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Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set from Beter is the ideal item for your baby's hair, a brush and a comb that takes care of the children's hair.

It consists of a brush and a comb specially designed for the hair care of babies. The brush is made of very soft fibers that do not cause damage and the comb has rounded tips in its teeth to avoid hurting your head. Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set from Beter is a very effective product which does not allow your baby to suffer harm on his/her head or scalp due to the design of both products (comb and brush). In addition, the brush and comb have a few long handles that will help you have better control, and so combing and brushing are easily and very carefully performed on the hair of babies or children. In addition and due to its smoothness, they can be used for elderly people who have a weakened scalp and that the use of common brushes or combs can hurt, so Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set from Beter is suitable for anyone.

Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set from Beter is two products in one, besides both have a perfect size so you can take them everywhere to keep your baby's hair always tidy. Moreover, Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set from Beter comes in two beautiful colors, namely, pink and blue. These products have the image of a duck and a hole on the handle, which helps you to hang it easily in places where the little one cannot reach. The brush and comb are super safe, soft, effective and unable to cause damage to the head of your baby because they are designed specifically for their type of hair. Its soft bristles of the brush get the hair done easily and leave it soft and the rounded tips of the comb are great for working out small and annoying knots.

This wonderful product can also be used by seniors who have a very weak scalp and can not use brushes or rustic combs that hurt. Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set from Beter is perfect and made of high-quality material, hard and resistant that is not easily broken, and that we can not forget the fact that this product has a perfect and adequate size so you can take it with you, besides, its long handle that allow you to take the brush or comb with great ease and allows you to do and take care of the hair of your little ones without any problem.

Facts of Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set from Beter

  • The brush is super soft.
  • The comb has rounded tips.
  • They are two products in one.
  • They have a long handle.
  • Available in pink and blue.
  • Easy to carry.
  • They do not hurt the baby's head.

Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set from Beter is designed to protect and care for your baby's hair, both products feature long handles for better handling, plus they come in two beautiful and simple colors (blue and pink) and are easy to carry due to its size.

Recommended use: as a product to do the hair of babies, it is advisable to use the comb first to remove the small knots that form in the hair and then finish with the brush.

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