Goat Hair Angled Makeup Brush - 16cm

Goat Hair Angled Makeup Brush from Beter is ideal for defining cheekbones. Its hair is soft but also very strong. It will help you get a good result in less time, so you will save minutes and have better effects, as you get a perfect definition of your cheekbones.

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Goat Hair Angled Makeup Brush from Beter is the best tool to define cheekbones.

Goat Hair Angled Makeup Brush from Beter has a very special hair, of high quality and soft touch. To define the cheekbones, smile and apply the blusher from the center of the cheekbones to the temples. Also, you can apply some blusher on the bridge of the nose, forehead and chin, always blurring for a fresh and attractive result. It is a makeup brush will always be the number one ally so you can hide the imperfections of your face in the best way possible, with excellent results.

Goat Hair Angled Makeup Brush from Beter is a perfect angled brush to apply the blusher, in fact it is basic. It helps to define your face better and leave color in the areas where it should go. If you are a friend of the blusher, you must have this brush. Its goat hair is very soft, which allows the blusher to be perfectly integrated in the face and does not make cuts or the color of the chosen blusher be not too bright. A blusher is one of our allies for a healthier face. It is the final touch but without it the result would not be the same. The best way to put a blusher is horizontally and in the upper part of the cheekbone. This is the way to lift those cheeks.

Goat Hair Angled Makeup Brush from Beter is an ideal instrument to show off some spectacular cheekbones. If you are a woman who is interested in cleaning, you should use the brush as usual. In addition to being faster to apply makeup, it is cleaner and more hygienic than doing it with your hands. Even if your hands are very clean, bacteria will always be around. For your brush to be clean and hygienic, you must clean it after each use, always with water and then dry thoroughly to remove any trace of product.

Facts of Goat Hair Angled Makeup Brush from Beter

  • Very soft hair.
  • Hair has a lot of strength.
  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • Its angle allows easy application of the blusher.
  • Professional results.
  • Quality.

Goat Hair Angled Makeup Brush from Beter is very easy to use, so much so that you will feel like a professional makeup artist when you see the good results you get with it. It is important to wear a perfect cheek makeup.

Recommended use: as a beauty product, the angle of the hair fits perfectly in the cheek which facilitates the application of the blusher, bringing the area of the cheek out and blurring it with a natural and light effect.

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