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After Shaving Stick from Beter is specially designed to heal wounds and cuts caused by shaving. It stops the bleeding, cleanses the wound and relieves pain. A product that is very easy to use and that provides results quickly. A high quality product.

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After Shaving Stick from Beter is the fastest, most efficient and cleanest way to close the wounds caused by shaving.

After Shaving Stick from Beter is a very special product that is made from aluminum. This product is designed to close cuts and wounds caused by shaving. It also reduces stinging and pain caused by cuts. This stick works very quickly and effectively, which also will not waste your time. It is very easy to use, you should only moisten the stick and pass it through the wound. An incredible high quality product that will improve the shaving. No more blood, no more pain.

This is a product for external use that quickly heals wounds and cuts caused by shaving. When you stop the blood and relieve the pain is incredible, because it works in an efficient and very clean way. Cutting yourself while shaving your face is terrible and is a real nuisance that makes you waste your time, making you put toilet paper to cover the wound. But with this unique product you can relieve pain and stop bleeding quickly and easily. With the amazing After Shaving Stick from Beter you can be much more relaxed as it will not allow a cut to ruin your plans or your day.

This is a very powerful product that not only stops bleeding and relieves pain, it also closes wounds and pores allowing a very soft and smooth skin. Best of all, it cleans the wound, thus preventing any infection. Do not let a cut or wound ruin your day let alone your plans, use After Shaving Stick from Beter to heal those annoying cuts and get what you want. This is also recommended for athletes, so they do not allow the pain caused by a wound, when shaving, to distract them from their training.

Facts of After Shaving Stick from Beter

  • Cleans wounds very easily.
  • Relieves pain.
  • Reduces itching.
  • Close wounds and pores.
  • Stops the bleeding.
  • Work in a fast and efficient way.
  • Leaves skin firm and smooth.
  • Incredible high quality product.
  • Recommended for any skin.

With After Shaving Stick from Beter there will be nothing to stop you in the day. This wonderful product will eliminate all the discomfort of wounds and cuts caused during shaving. This amazing stick offers many benefits that you can not lose. Enjoy all the power, benefits and properties that this fantastic product offers you!

Recommended use: as an aesthetic product, moisten the product with a little water and then rub it into the wound for a few seconds.

Francisco javier 2018-05-31 03:07:56
Deseo adquirir 4estics para cortes afeitado. El sistema no deja efectuar la compra. Favor de indicarme como realzar la.
Joel 2018-06-01 10:10:17
Buenos dias , nos puedes llamar al 674 13 59 64 es el numero de att.cliente y puedes hacer el pedido con ellos directamente o bien tenemos un chat en directo de 11 a 17 que tambien se puede hacer.gracias un saludo
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