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4 Nail Files Carborundum - 8.3 cm

4 Nail Files Carborundum from Beter is a perfect product for filing, shaping and polishing nails. Made with high quality materials that allow its long duration. It is 8.3 cm long, which makes it a comfortable file and allows you to carry it easily in your bag. Now you can enjoy having perfect nails, without trying too hard.

    4 Nail Files Carborundum from Beter is the ideal element to always have perfect nails.

    This file is very important to be able to always keep the nails perfect and beautiful. It has been designed to give shine, polish and shape the nails. It is a tool with which you can work easily. 4 Nail Files Carborundum from Beter is composed of two sides, the red side has thicker grains and the white side has fine grains. The red side it is used for shaping the nails and filing, while the white side it is for polishing. It is what you need so much in your manicure kit, it will make you feel like a professional.

    This product is incredible, because with this file you can easily shape the nail and polish it correctly. 4 Nail Files Carborundum from Beter is made with very good quality materials, which allow you to get results very quickly and without the need of much effort. This product is also recommended for athletes, because filing the nails is very important not only for aesthetics, but also for their health. In addition this product allows you to have them perfect in a very short time, you will be surprised. Its great design and making makes it one of the best nail files on the market.

    This product has been designed so that you can get perfect nails anytime, anywhere, without the need to work too hard. The best thing about this product is that it has a hard-wearing surface, allowing you to use it for longer than others. In addition, its 8.3 cm allow you to carry it in your bag without problems. We recommend filing your nails in only one direction, to keep them strong, healthy and shiny. With 4 Nail Files Carborundum from Beter you can always have perfect nails.

    Facts of 4 Nail Files Carborundum from Beter

    • For perfect filing.
    • Top quality.
    • Hard-wearing surface.
    • The red side is for filing and shaping the nails.
    • The white side is for polishing the nails.
    • 8.3 cm long, allowing you to easily carry it in your bag.
    • Very easy to use.
    • Quite comfortable.
    • You will get perfect nails in a short time.

    With 4 Nail Files Carborundum from Beter you will always have very well-maintained nails. In addition, filing the nails is a better alternative than cutting them and is a great way to give them strength. Do not miss out on everything that this super file has to give you. It is the file that offers everything you need and more!

    Recommended use: as an aesthetic product, use to file, shape and polish the nail. File in one direction, from the tips to the center.

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