4 Cuticle Sticks with Cuticle Remover File - Beter

Beter brings back the traditional cuticle sticks but with a modern and practical touch that sets this brand apart. These 4 sticks will help you to remove the dead skin around the nails, which gives a careless appearance to the hands, thanks to a small oblique file that has at the tip. The work will be less painful and neat.

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4 Cuticle Sticks with Cuticle Remover File. The most practical, comfortable and traditional to take care of your nails.

This set of 4 Cuticle Sticks with Cuticle Remover File from Beter is a revolution in the world of manicuring. And it is that Beter has incorporated the traditional orange stick a file at its oblique tip, allowing the cuticle to be easily removed.

Have you ever cut your finger trying to use the cuticle cutter? Almost all women will answer "yes" to that question, because not many know how to use that tool and the skin that resides on the nails is very thin and delicate, that is why some choose to use the traditional orange stick, but it is not always functional and effective. Thinking about this, Beter has innovated the orange stick by incorporating better quality and a corundum file at its oblique tip.

Beter has for you a set of 4 sticks with Promanicure File so you can remove the cuticle delicately and without damaging the soft skin of your nails since the corundum covering means that the small file of the tip can have the exact firmness to remove effectively and comfortably the excess skin that is in the internal contour of the nail. Remember that you must use a Promanicure Stick after having soaked your hands, so that it is easier to remove the cuticle.

These 4 sticks have the perfect size for you to carry them in your manicure bag easily, besides they are very durable because they have been made with a special wood that is much stronger. Forget the painful cuts and become a practical, modern and stylish woman, no longer bleeding at the time of manicuring.

Having a manicure is a task that must be done at least once a week, because your hands are an essential part of your personality because they say a lot about you since they are always exposed. The manicure should not be necessarily long and with many phases, you can do one express and focus on the cuticles because they are the ones that look bad if they are not well taken care of, these sticks are perfect for it.

Facts of 4 Cuticle Sticks with Cuticle Remover File from Beter:

  • Made with very strong special wood.
  • They have incorporated a small corundum file on the tip that allows to gently remove the cuticles from the nails.

These sticks are here to stay, because they end up with the problem of cutting your fingers when removing the cuticle from your nails, softly and gently removing the dead skin around your nails with this pack of 4 sticks that Beter brought to take care of your hands.

Recommended use: use the small file of the tip to directly and gently remove the cuticle from the nails of your hands.

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