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2 Latex Sponges for Make-up - Beter

2 Latex Sponges for Make-up from Beter are ideal to give your face the finish you want. They feature micropores that avoid wasting make-up when applied on the skin regardless of the type of foundation.

    2 Latex Sponges for Make-up from Beter. Leave your face as beautiful and smooth as porcelain.

    These exclusive make-up sponges made of latex will allow to make yourself up as if it were the simplest thing in the World. By using them with the liquid foundation or powder your preference you can spread it effectively all over your face and neck leaving them as smooth as porcelain. Beter has used a very hard latex but soft at the same time, additionally, they have the exact absorption to make your make-up products more productive.

    Sometimes the application of powder or foundation on your face and neck can be a very difficult task because when you use the sponge included in these products you notice they are poorly spread on the skin, and if you try to do it with your fingers you end up with more product in some areas leaving your face looking uneven. Therefore, Beter has created useful make-up sponges made of latex which allow to make yourself up easily, and at the same time, with a clean and even finish, leaving your skin as beautiful as a professional would. This is because these make-up sponges are made of latex and its design have micropores, which allow pick up just enough of the powder or foundation you apply on your face.

    These sponges can be used both dry or wet, depending on the finish you want to obtain, for example, a make-up for the day or night. If you use them dry the layer of powder or foundation will be thicker and will cover the imperfections better, this type of make-up is more recommended for night, so you should use it in this way for an appointment or a meeting at night. But if you want a more natural effect for the daily make-up, the recommendation is to dampen the sponges with water before picking the product and apply on your skin, thus your skin looks lighter and more natural. These sponges are very hard-wearing and flexible because they are made of latex, which makes them soft and delicate with your skin.

    Facts of 2 Latex Sponges for Make-up from Beter:

    • Feature micropores that pick just enough product.
    • Very hard-wearing as they are made of latex.
    • Can be used dry or wet to achieve different finished.
    • By using them you achieve a professional-like make-up.
    • Are very delicate with your skin.
    • Super easy to use.

    In order to give your face the radiant and beautiful look you want with a make-up, the practicality of these latex sponges made by Beter make them the best option.

    Recommended use: to apply liquid foundations or powdered make-up easily, using the exact amount of product, whether wet or dry, depending on the finish you want on your face.

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