The Beter industries were born in 1936 in Catalonia, with the Rojo brothers, who started a business that would become leader in the beauty sector.


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  • Angled goat hair make-up brush - 16cm - Beter

    Goat Hair Angled Makeup Brush - 16cm

    Goat Hair Angled Makeup Brush from Beter is ideal for defining cheekbones. Its hair is soft but...


    3,79 €
    -10% 4,21 €
    Minimal Price
  • Cellulose sponge cleansing - 7.5 cm - Beter

    2 cellulose sponges cleansing - 7.5 cm


    1,07 €
    -10% 1,19 €
    Minimal Price
  • 2 make up sponges, latex - Beter

    2 Latex Sponges for Make-up - Beter

    2 Latex Sponges for Make-up from Beter are ideal to give your face the finish you want. They...


    1,13 €
    -10% 1,25 €
    Minimal Price
  • 3 in 1 micellar water - 400ml - Beter

    3 in 1 Micellar Water - 400ml

    3 in 1 Micellar Water from Beter is the easiest way to remove your makeup every day. A formula...


    7,19 €
    -10% 7,99 €
    Minimal Price
  • 4 cuticle sticks with cuticle remover file - Beter

    4 Cuticle Sticks with Cuticle Remover File...

    Beter brings back the traditional cuticle sticks but with a modern and practical touch that sets...


    0,91 €
    -10% 1,01 €
    Minimal Price
  • 4 nail files carborundum - 8.3 cm - Beter

    4 Nail Files Carborundum - 8.3 cm

    4 Nail Files Carborundum from Beter is a perfect product for filing, shaping and polishing nails....


    0,65 €
    -10% 0,72 €
    Minimal Price
  • After shaving stick - Beter

    After Shaving Stick - Beter

    After Shaving Stick from Beter is specially designed to heal wounds and cuts caused by shaving....


    2,66 €
    -10% 2,96 €
    Minimal Price
  • Anticallus moisturizing cream - Beter

    Anti Hard skin Moisturizer - Beter

    Anti Hard skin Moisturizer from Beter is a cream formulated with allantoin, urea, aloe vera and...


    3,37 €
    -10% 3,74 €
    Minimal Price
  • Atrapín tweezer. free of nits, free of lice - Beter

    Atrapín tweezer. free of nits, free of lice


    3,21 €
    -10% 3,57 €
    Minimal Price
  • Automatic eyebrow pen - Beter

    Automatic Eyebrow Pencil

    Automatic Eyebrow Pencil from Beter is an easy-to-use pencil ideal for filling fine eyebrows, as...


    2,61 €
    -10% 2,90 €
    Minimal Price
  • Baby hair brush and comb set -13.8 x 2.5 cm - Beter

    Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set -13.8 x 2.5...

    Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set from Beter is the set indicated to care for the hair of the...


    1,94 €
    -10% 2,15 €
    Minimal Price
  • Basic corn remover with 1 blade - 14.5 cm - Beter

    Basic Corn Remover with 1 Blade - 14.5 cm

    Basic Corn Remover with 1 Blade from BETER is a very useful tool for foot care. It contains a...


    4,24 €
    -10% 4,71 €
    Minimal Price
  • Basic corn remover with 10 blades - 14.5 cm - Beter

    Basic Corn Remover with 10 Blades - 14.5 cm

    Basic Corn Remover with 10 Blades from Beter is your best tool to show beautiful feet and without...


    5,17 €
    -10% 5,74 €
    Minimal Price
  • Basic nose/ear hair trimmer - Beter

    Basic nose/ear hair trimmer


    7,49 €
    -10% 8,32 €
    Minimal Price
  • Sisal glove - Beter

    Bath Mitten Sisal

    Bath Mitten Sisal from Beter is an accessory for bath or shower made of natural thread of sisal,...


    2,04 €
    -10% 2,27 €
    Minimal Price
  • Sponge makeup latex-free 3D - Beter

    Beter Make Up Sponge Blender Latex Free

    3D Latex-free Makeup Sponge from Beter is a makeup sponge for application of foundation,...


    2,80 €
    -10% 3,11 €
    Minimal Price
  • Detangling brush - Beter

    Beter Deslía Brush

    Detangling Brush from Beter is a spectacular brush for the hair. It is very easy to use, quite...


    5,49 €
    -10% 6,10 €
    Minimal Price
  • Facial sponge konjac-mimos - Beter

    Beter Facial Sponge Konjac


    2,68 €
    -10% 2,98 €
    Minimal Price
  • Feet&roll electronic file callous remover - Beter

    Beter Feet & Roll Electronic File Callous...

    Feet & Roll Electronic File Callus Remover from BETER is the instrument that polishes...


    13,59 €
    -10% 15,10 €
    Minimal Price
  • Body sponge konjac-mimos - Beter

    Beter Mimos Bath Konjac Sponge

    Body Sponge Konjac Mimos from Beter is the bath accessory for the health and the well-being of...


    2,95 €
    -10% 3,28 €
    Minimal Price
  • Bath brush of natural bristles - Beter

    Beter Natural Bristle Bath Brush

    Natural Bristle Bath Brush from Beter gives you a nice and soft skin. It gives you a good...


    3,29 €
    -10% 3,66 €
    Minimal Price
  • espejo ohh! (x10) con ventosa - Beter

    Beter Ohh! Macro Mirror x10


    3,14 €
    -10% 3,49 €
    Minimal Price
  • Sonic facial brush so nice - Beter

    Beter Sonic Facial Brush So Nice Skin

    Sonic Facial Brush So Nice from Beter is a facial brush by sonic technology from Beter, which...


    17,28 €
    -10% 19,20 €
    Minimal Price
  • Spare part sonic facial brush so nice - Beter

    Beter Sonic Facial Brush So Nice Skin Refill

    Spare Heads for Facial Brush So Nice from Beter is powered by sonic technology exclusively to be...


    5,19 €
    -10% 5,77 €
    Minimal Price
  • Stand mirror (x7) - 14.5 cm dia - Beter

    Beter Stand Mirror x7

    Stand Mirror x7 from Beter has two sides, gives you a normal reflection and a reflection...


    32,93 €
    -10% 36,59 €
    Minimal Price
  • La pinzette tweezer with light and mirror - Beter

    Beter Tweezers With Light And Mirror


    7,69 €
    -10% 8,55 €
    Minimal Price
  • Betty brow slanted tip tweezers, with brush - Beter

    Betty Brow Slanted Tip Tweezers, with...

    Betty Brow Slanted Tip Tweezers, with Brush from Beter will facilitate your life when it comes to...


    3,08 €
    -10% 3,42 €
    Minimal Price
  • Bouble phase make up remover eyer and lips - 100ml - Beter

    Biphasic Eyes and Lips Makeup Remover - 100ml

    Biphasic Eyes and Lips Makeup Remover from Beter is developed to remove even the most...


    4,60 €
    -10% 5,11 €
    Minimal Price
  • Black tweezers, the genuine + brow stencils - Beter

    Black Tweezers, The Genuine + Brow...

    Black Tweezers, The Genuine + Brow Stencils from Beter is an excellent and practical kit of...


    2,18 €
    -10% 2,42 €
    Minimal Price
  • Blunt tip baby scissors, plastic handle - 9.2 cm - Beter

    Blunt Tip Baby Scissors with Plastic...

    Cut the small nails of your baby can be a great challenge, as they are so small and the hands so...


    2,33 €
    -10% 2,59 €
    Minimal Price
  • Natural peach blush - Beter

    Blusher Natural Peach - Beter

    Blusher Natural Peach from Beter is a product that gives shape and volume to your face while...


    6,98 €
    -10% 7,75 €
    Minimal Price
  • Bronzing compact powder - Beter

    Bronzing compact powder - Beter

    Compact Powders Tan from Beter is an ideal product for your face as this provides a becoming...


    8,64 €
    -10% 9,60 €
    Minimal Price

A Company Focused on Beauty – Know Everything About Beter

Beter conceives beauty as a value that is generated thanks to a special synergy, so it firmly believes that the whole is more than the sum of the parts. Based on this conviction, it urges its consumers to make a ritual that leads them to possess that beauty that is so highly prized in a world where everything comes through the eyes.

The pillars of the company, besides being able to beter buy online the products that the company manufactures under the highest quality standards, are the following:

  • Close communication
  • Clear messages
  • Innovative products
  • Adapting to trends

Beter bets on creating a communication link, based on clear and concise messages, which allows it to be close to its clients in order to know their needs firsthand. As if this were not enough, the leading company in product manufacturing that focus on making today's woman a woman who can feel comfortable with herself and with the image that the mirror gives her back, follows the trends that the market and fashion go dictating.

Only a company that is accompanied and backed by the most qualified professionals can keep up with the pace so fast with which fashion changes nowadays. However, this is the commitment that Beter has taken on you.

Beter is a family business that today is in charge of the third generation, which is why it can only afford to incorporate experts in each of the areas that make up the company.

The Beter Human Team

Beter is a company that is not limited to having workers, since it does not have in its plans just counting on people who simply give their time in exchange for a remuneration agreed upon; what Beter has is a human team that drives and supports each of the actions that the company carries out.

The people who are part of Beter contribute day to day to its growth. Otherwise the company would never have gone from being a manufacturer of razor blades to becoming a standard for beauty products.

Each of the areas of Beter is dedicated to continue making the company a benchmark in its sector. That is why both the commercial and merchandising divisions, as well as the logistics, production, administrative, IT and management ones, work with the same synergic policy with which they conceive beauty.