The Beter industries were born in 1936 in Catalonia, with the Rojo brothers, who started a business that would become leader in the beauty sector.


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A Company Focused on Beauty – Know Everything About Beter

Beter conceives beauty as a value that is generated thanks to a special synergy, so it firmly believes that the whole is more than the sum of the parts. Based on this conviction, it urges its consumers to make a ritual that leads them to possess that beauty that is so highly prized in a world where everything comes through the eyes.

The pillars of the company, besides being able to beter buy online the products that the company manufactures under the highest quality standards, are the following:

  • Close communication
  • Clear messages
  • Innovative products
  • Adapting to trends

Beter bets on creating a communication link, based on clear and concise messages, which allows it to be close to its clients in order to know their needs firsthand. As if this were not enough, the leading company in product manufacturing that focus on making today's woman a woman who can feel comfortable with herself and with the image that the mirror gives her back, follows the trends that the market and fashion go dictating.

Only a company that is accompanied and backed by the most qualified professionals can keep up with the pace so fast with which fashion changes nowadays. However, this is the commitment that Beter has taken on you.

Beter is a family business that today is in charge of the third generation, which is why it can only afford to incorporate experts in each of the areas that make up the company.

The Beter Human Team

Beter is a company that is not limited to having workers, since it does not have in its plans just counting on people who simply give their time in exchange for a remuneration agreed upon; what Beter has is a human team that drives and supports each of the actions that the company carries out.

The people who are part of Beter contribute day to day to its growth. Otherwise the company would never have gone from being a manufacturer of razor blades to becoming a standard for beauty products.

Each of the areas of Beter is dedicated to continue making the company a benchmark in its sector. That is why both the commercial and merchandising divisions, as well as the logistics, production, administrative, IT and management ones, work with the same synergic policy with which they conceive beauty.