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Whey Superior - 2.5 kg

Whey Superior from Best Protein is a supplement of concentrated proteins, with a high level of biological value and excellent dissolution. It provides 63 grams of pure protein per 80 grams of product. It contains B vitamins that favor its absorption, and L-glutamine so that they balance the hepatic and muscular glycogen.

    Whey Superior from Best Protein. Boost your training!

    Recovery between workouts becomes easier with Whey Superior from Best Protein. This supplement provides a concentration of high quality nutrients. It contains concentrated proteins that provide great biological value. This means that it provides a large amount of essential amino acids that are easily assimilated into the body. The proportion with which it contributes is 63 grams per 80 grams of product. It also has B vitamins that also benefit its absorption, along with L-glutamine ready to balance muscle and liver glycogen. It features a 40 gram dispenser for dosage. It provides a longer anabolic environment.

    The development of a high intensity training produces a higher level of protein synthesis. This creates the need to ingest extra doses of these nutrients after the workout to help the synthesis of the next routine of high intensity. Whey Superior from Best Protein is very favorable during this process. It contributes with nutrients that optimize muscle hypertrophy and benefit the development of muscle tissues. It plays a decisive role in the progress of microfibers that must be strengthened to improve the structure of the muscle system. In this way, a more effective, fast and complete recovery is obtained.

    The intensity of the bodybuilding routines requires that the organism use many of the reserves that it has accumulated. That is why those who practice this discipline need an extra dose of nutrients to meet their training goals. The concentration of Whey Superior from Best Protein also promotes the burning of fats and consequently the increase of the muscles. The high protein intake stimulates different absorption rates, and optimizes the anabolic environment. They also improve the production of hydrogen in the body, which eliminates toxins and keeps the joints lubricated. As a result, a complete and very effective recovery period is obtained.

    Facts of Whey Superior from Best Protein

    • Concentrated protein source.
    • Brings great biological value.
    • Hydrolyzed peptides.
    • B vitamins.
    • Healthy carbohydrates.
    • L glutamine.

    Whey Superior from Best Protein is a protein concentrate, highly digestible, that provides the body with everything necessary for a rapid recovery. It supplements the inputs of a balanced and regular diet. Its composition provides different absorption rates, and offers a great input of proteins. As a result, the body recovers more quickly, regains energy and maintains higher endurance during each intense exercise routine. This supplement reinforces the nutrients of a balanced diet. It is not a means of feeding by itself.

    Recommended use: dissolve a dose of 40 g (use built-in dispenser) dissolved in a 300 ml beaker. Take one in the morning on an empty stomach and another dose after training.

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