To improve your quality of life Best Protein designed Whey Pep, an excellent protein hydrolyzate that prevents the destruction of amino acids in the body, facilitates the development of your muscles and helps you to have a faster recovery after a workout. It also has nutrients necessary to have an optimal muscle development and prolong it.

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Whey Pep from Best Protein. Improve your quality of life.

Whey Pep from Best Protein is a protein hydrolyzate that increases protein consumption. It can be consumed before, during or after physical exercise or warm-up.

According to studies published by the University of Kuopio (Finland) and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, "it can be absorbed faster than any other protein or free amino acids" thus becoming the best protein of the highest absorption in the market. Similarly, it produces an increase in insulin without carbohydrates.

Whey Pep is an amino acid-based protein that provides the muscles with the nutrients necessary to obtain optimal development and maintain it for a longer period of time, all this with the help of physical training and a healthy lifestyle.

It is a natural whey protein by-product that can be consumed without any restriction. The benefits obtained by the consumption of proteins during physical training are numerous, in athletes ranging from stimulating muscle mass growth to the increase in endurance during physical practice.

Its consumption is of the utmost importance during the recovery period of an injury. In these cases, athletes require to consume more proteins to accelerate the healing, and for that there is nothing better than Whey Pep from Best Protein.

Facts of Whey Pep from Best Protein:

  • The practice prevents the destruction of amino acids in the body.
  • Responsible for increasing insulin levels.
  • Does not provide carbohydrates.
  • With an anti-catabolic effect.
  • The body assimilates it immediately.
  • Boosts endurance during physical training.
  • Stimulates recovery after exercise.
  • Reduces the risk of muscle pain after training.
  • Facilitates muscle development.

Whey Pep from Best Protein is the best thing that you can give to a fitness body. Its consumption is for athletes and people in general who want to practice sports or who are leading this healthy lifestyle already and want to deliver the best to their body to keep the hard work done.

Recommended use: it is recommended for athletes and people in general who want to lead a healthy lifestyle through sports, its daily consumption should be 80g of which half (40g) should be diluted in milk or water.

It can be consumed upon walking to break in a healthy way with the prolonged fasting of the night. Before training, as it provides an excellent input of energy and after exercise you get a quick recovery. With the consumption of Whey Pep you will achieve muscle development, greater energy during physical exercise as well as a better quality of life, you must be on a balanced diet that provides all the nutrients that the body requires.

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