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Best Protein has formulated the excellent protein supplement called Triplex Pro with the best available proteins, whey protein and soy protein. This combination is due to scientific studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of taking these proteins at the same time for better protein synthesis at the cellular level and contributing to the creation of new muscle tissue.

    Triplex Pro from Best Protein. Quality protein for your muscles.

    Best Protein brings you the excellent whey protein combined with the very effective soy protein, both essential components of an ideal product to grow your muscles and prevent catabolism: Triplex Pro.

    Triplex Pro from Best Protein is the ideal supplement for you to consume diverse proteins and of very high quality, it is formulated with two types of proteins of proven effectiveness in the feeding and nutrition of the muscles such as whey protein and soy protein. The whey protein that contains this wonderful product helps you to develop the muscles better in a short time, since it nourishes them from the same muscle cell, in addition this protein is very easy to absorb. For its part, soy protein is a vegetable protein in great demand among athletes and bodybuilders because it helps to synthesize the protein in the muscles and create new muscle tissue.

    The combination of both proteins offered by Best Protein in this unbeatable supplement called Triplex Pro is ideal to generate a greater amount of muscle mass quickly, consistently and durably, since according to several scientific studies consume a combination of whey protein of milk and soy protein contributes to protein synthesis at the intracellular level and promotes the storage of energy and ensures a correct absorption of the protein ingested by the body, even when at rest and for a long period of time. Therefore, taking the combined proteins in Triplex Pro from Best Protein after having done your training guarantees results and greater effectiveness of the exercises performed.

    For every daily portion of Triplex Pro that you ingest you will be contributing to your body proteins, which is a very high percentage of the content of the product. You also provide Kcal; carbohydrates; sugars and dietary fiber.

    Facts of Triplex Pro from Best Protein:

    • Easily absorbed.
    • Scientifically proven effectiveness.
    • Your muscles will obtain greater volume and much more definition.
    • Helps to promote the storage and use of the protein ingested even in a resting state.
    • It is a combination of soy protein and whey protein, both of excellent quality.

    Triplex Pro from Best Protein is the most advanced protein combination and scientifically proven in its effectiveness for the development of muscle mass more quickly and consistently. Dare to try it and you will see the drastic and positive change in your physique.

    Recommended use: take 80 g a day diluted in water or skimmed milk, after training.

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