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Pro-Long from Best Protein is a nutritional supplement based on micellar casein, calcium caseinate and egg albumin, three different sources of proteins that help promote optimal nighttime recovery of the muscles thanks to the progressive and prolonged action of its composition. This fantastic sports supplement combats catabolism and promotes muscle development.

    Pro-Long from Best Protein, the most effective and safest way to provide the body with an extraordinary dose of proteins with a progressive and prolonged effect, helping to promote adequate nighttime recovery.

    Pro-Long from Best Protein is an unbeatable nutritional supplement for sports use, composed of three different types of proteins of great purity and excellent quality; Micellar casein, calcium caseinate and egg albumin. This extraordinary sports supplement enriched with an important protein value has been created to supplement the nutrition of athletes, sportsmen and training enthusiasts thanks to its advanced formula providing a prolonged and progressive effect of the ingested proteins, helping to enhance the muscle development, protect the muscles, help achieve an effective recovery during rest hours, making the most of the refreshing effects of sleep.

    This fantastic product developed by Best Protein has quality certifications that guarantee its effectiveness, so its incorporation into the nutritional plans of athletes and sportsmen is recommended by experts in physical development. The unbeatable protein blend of Pro-Long from Best Protein offers a wide bioavailability thanks to the integration of the different types of protein contained in its formula and at the same time, promotes the action of amino acids and the enlargement of the aminogram, essential to boost the night recovery.

    With the use of the recommended daily dose of the extraordinary Pro-Long from Best Protein you can obtain favorable results in your physical performance and muscle development in a short time thanks to its unique combination of nutrients in the same formula, easy to dissolve and digest. This fantastic nutritional supplement offers three incredible formats; Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, providing a delicious flavor to this protein mixture and also contains very low values of added fats, carbohydrates and sugars, so it is not harmful to the body or disproportionate the balance in the diet.

    Facts of Pro-Long from Best Protein.

    • Offers an advanced nutritional formula composed of three different types of proteins.
    • Ideal to promote muscle development in athletes and sportsmen.
    • Promotes muscle recovery during sleep hours.
    • Provides a broad bioavailability of proteins.
    • Provides a large number of amino acids and extends the aminogram.
    • Reduces the likelihood of catabolism.
    • Contains very low values of added fats, carbohydrates and sugars.

    The amazing nutritional supplement Pro-Long from Best Protein is an extraordinary source of proteins of the highest quality, which protects your muscles from the impact of catabolism and helps them to develop better.

    Recommended use: as a sports supplement for athletes, it is recommended to dilute 40 grams of the formula of Pro-Long from Best Protein in milk, yogurt or fruit juice and take one dose after training and another one just before going to bed to enjoy its benefits.

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